Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ideas N

Name a pet after a cartoon character
Name a star
Natural bridge and glow worm night tour
Navigate a personal submarine
Navigate by the stars
Nearly die, then don't.
Never become a desperate housewife
Never become a materialistic person!
Never belong to an organized religion
Never change myself for anyone
Never get divorced
Never get plastic surgery to enhance my looks
Never smoke cigarettes
Never stop exploring
Never stop learning
Never stop traveling the world
Never use a tanning bed!
Never use the following again: not now, I'm too busy, maybe, some other time, later etc
New year’s eve in NYC
New year’s eve kiss in an incredible location
Niagara falls lit up at night
Noah’s ark
Not eat any take away for 7 days
Not eat anything with added sugar for 7 days
Not fall off a t-bar for an entire snow season
Not get sick for 6 months
Not stack an unload from a ski lift for an entire snow season
Not waste a single grocery item for at least 3 months

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