Friday, January 10, 2014

Ideas J

Jelly Fish
Jog in the serenity and quiet shroud of the night (2008)
Join a baseball team
Join a basketball team
Join a big brother, big sister program
Join a book club
Join a board game club
Join a bowling league
Join a caravan in the sahara
Join a cattle drive in the outback
Join a choir
Join a club or team
Join a cycling club
Join a disaster relief effort
Join a flash mob
Join a group/class and make new friends
Join a gym
Join a lipdub
Join a modelling website just to see how I would go
Join a online dating site
Join a peaceful protest for something I believe in
Join a philosophy club
Join a polo team / ice hockey team / lacrosse team / relay race team / row team / rugby team / soccer team / softball team / volleyball team / water polo team / football team / field hockey team / cricket team / cheerleading team
Join a protest to legalize weed
Join a reading group
Join a social etiquette class / and do the opposite of everything that's been said
Join a tennis club
Join Habitat for Humanity.
Join organ donor list
Join postcrossing and collect postcards
Join the 50 states marathon club and run a marathon in all 50 states of the us
Join the audubon society
Join the dawn service at the australian war memorial
Join the gym
Join the mile-high club
Join the peace corps
Join the sourtoe cocktail club
Join the traveler's century club
Join the zeitgeist movement
Journey to the center of the universe
Joy ride on a microlight
Joy ride on a microlight
Judge a competition
Judge a contest of some sort
Jump at a Trampoline House
Jump at the house of air
Jump backwards into a pool
Jump down a 20 feet rock into a river!
Jump from a cliff into deep water
Jump from a helicopter
Jump from a moving train
Jump from a tall building onto a stuntmatress
Jump in a taxi and yell, “follow that car!”
Jump into a ball pit
Jump into a fountain / pool / sea / lake fully clothed
Jump into icy water
Jump off a bridge
Jump off a bridge into water
Jump off a cliff / into water / into the ocean / high cliff / 80 foot cliff / cliff higher than me
Jump off a cliff in greece
Jump off a cliff into a natural body of water in an exotic location
Jump off a diving board
Jump off a high cliff into the ocean
Jump off a roof into a pool
Jump off a tall ships yard arm into the ocean
Jump off a waterfall
Jump off of a rope swing into the water
Jump off roof onto trampoline
Jump off something really high into water
Jump off stratosphere tower
Jump on a random bus and take it to the very last stop
Jump on a train without a destination in mind
Jump on a trampoline
Jump on a trampoline in the rain
Jump on a trampoline in the rain
Jump On A Water Trampoline
Jump on a water trampoline
Jump on the bandwagon of a ridiculous craze
Jump on the bed at a fancy hotel
Jump on the hood of a car
Jump on the trampoline bridge in seine
Jump out of a cake
Jump out of an airplane
Jump over waves
Jump through a burning hoop
Jumpstart a car
Just completely lose it at customer service when they're being dicks. And if that fails, tweet them.

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