Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ideas H

Have a pillow fight / with feather pillows / shaving cream fight / silly string fight / snow fight / snowball fight / with someone who has never seen snow / waterballoon fight / water gun fight / food fight / mud fight / paint fight / pool noodle fight / icing sugar fight / nerf gun fight / as adult / with my best friends / with total strangers / with my love / sumo fight in a sumo suit / "boys vs girls"
Join in the national pillow fight day in LA
Haggle / at an open market / when buying an expensive item
Hand feed a pelican
Hand out $100 bills to total strangers
Hand out business cards for your jewelry making business
Hand raise a cockatiel
Hand write letters to your friends and mail them
Handbrake turn a car while traveling over 30 mph (50km/h)
Handle a bird of prey
Handstand pushup
Hang a spoon off your nose
Hang beautiful fairy lights around my bath
Hang glide
Hang my own artwork in my house
Hang out in an Irish pub and sing songs
Hang out of a sunroof while someone is driving
Hang out with a chimpanzee / a monkey / a rock band / a shaman / with someone famous
Hang shoes from a telephone line
Hang your bare feet over the deck a sailboat
Harvest sea salt
Hatch our own chickens
Have $10k in the bank / Have 1000 dollars in cash / Have 3 months of bills in savings / Have a 3-month emergency fund
Have 15 minutes of fame
Have 20 pen pals
Have 5 figure savings
Have 5 pen pal friends
Have 6-pack abs
Have a "Spy Kids " marathon with friends
Have a "wish upon a shooting star" come true
Have a "wreck this journal"
Have a "yes man" month
Have a “board” day - play board games all day!
Have a 10ft snake wrapped around your neck
Have a 1700 themed masquerade party and watch the sunrise in powdered wigs
Have a 5-star dining experience
Have an animal for its whole life
Have an animal print clothing collection
Have a baby
Have a backpack signed by someone from every country I visit
Have a bake sale
Have a bar or cafe at which my friends and I are regulars
Have a Barbie cake for my birthday
Have a barbie with friends on the beach
Have a BBQ
Have a beach holiday
Have a beach themed bathroom
Have a beachside candle light dinner
Have a beauty makeover
Have a beer in the most northern bar in the U.S
Have a beer on tap at home
Have a beer with somebody I consider a hero
Have a big family
Have a bird of prey sitting on my arm
Have a black Christmas tree
Have a boat party, 10+ people
Have a bonfire
Have a bonfire with my friends
Have a book published
Have a boy sing to me
Have a bra that is made out of only a chain and sparkling rhinestones or diamonds
Have a brown bear lick my hand
Have a bubble bath by candlelight
Have a butterfly land on you
Have a buttery nipple shot
Have a campfire on the beach
Have a campfire.
Have a candle lit dinner
Have a candle lit dinner with someone
Have a candle-lit bath
Have a canopy bed
Have a card at an amusement park which makes stand in front of the line
Have a carefree weekend with my wife
Have a cast member scare you from behind on the haunted mansion
Have a catchphrase
Have a chocolate body wrap
Have a Christmas movie marathon
Have a Christmas without gift-giving and not feel awkward or guilty about it
Have a clambake on the ocean
Have a classy box full of watches
Have a cocktail named after me
Have a collection of --- / 10 ---/ 50 ---/ 100 ---
Have a computer games room/study in my house
Have a computer/cellphone free day each week
Have a contributor rank better than #500 on
Have a conversation in only candlelight
Have a conversation with a criminal (real one)
Have a cookout
Have a cool barn
Have a cool kid call be cool and mean it
Have a cool nickname
Have a couple of drinks before watching a sports match where you don't know any of the rules
Have a crawfish boil
Have a crowd sing along to a song I have written
Have a daily learning routine
Have a date on Valentine's Day
Have a daughter and name her after my mom
Have a dinner party / in my backyard
Have a dog for its entire life
Have a drink at a hidden bar
Have a drink at a swim-up bar
Have a drink at an ice bar
Have a drink in a pub
Have a drink in an ice bar
Have a drink taped to your hand so you can’t put it down
Have a facial
Have a fake id
Have a family board game night
Have a family portrait dressed as superheroes
Have a fan in my room
Have a favorite joke
Have a flat stomach
Have a flying lesson in a tiger moth
Have a friend for at least 20 years
Have a friend for life
Have a friend on every continent
Have a friends all over the world
Have a fringe
Have a full bar in my house
Have a full body massage
Have a full lazy weekend
Have a fully glittered out floor in one of my rooms
Have a gallery exhibition
Have a game night
Have a games room (sofa, pool table, air hockey, etc.)
Have a gay friend
Have a gelato in Settimo Gelo in Rome
Have a German meal in Germany
Have a girl's road trip
Have a girls weekend away with my mum
Have a glow-in-the-dark wall somewhere in my house
Have a go at "riding the bull" while white water rafting
Have a go at paint drumming
Have a go in a flight simulator
Have a go on a sling shot bungy ball ride at night
Have a go on aerial silks
Have a great Alaskan adventure
Have a great night out with your best friends.
Have a group hug with more than 50 people
Have a hand painted mural in my house
Have a hang-glider lesson
Have a hangover
Have a headbanging competition
Have a healthy BMI
Have a healthy daughter
Have a healthy son
Have a hero.
Have a holiday with friends from all over the world
Have a home gym
Have a home office
Have a hot sauce collection from different countries
Have a hot stone massage
Have a house keeper
Have a house party
Have a house that is so awesome you get on the show "cribs
Have a house with a wraparound porch
Have a housecleaner
Have a huge birthday party for my 20th birthday
Have a huge wardrobe
Have a husky sled ride
Have a Japanese tea ceremony
Have a job that travels
Have a kiki
Have a large family
Have a lemonade stand
Have a library in my home
Have a life in Gurgaon
Have a local restaurant deliver breakfast in bed for two
Have a lolita closet
Have a lolly buffet at my next party
Have a longer marriage than Kim Kardashian did
Have a map of the world on the wall
Have a marshmallow mouth stuffing contest
Have a massage on a beach
Have a meal of sushi nyotaimori style
Have a meaningful conversation with a beggar.
Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
Have a meaningful conversation with at least one person from every country on earth
Have a meatless Monday for a month
Have a meet-up session with the readers of your blog
Have a memory jar
Have a mud bath
Have a murder mystery dinner party
Have a mushroom log
Have a neon party
Have a neon wall somewhere in my house
Have a new year’s kiss
Have a no sleep competition with friends
Have a one night stand
Have a paint party
Have a pair of shoes in every colour of the rainbow
Have a pair of shoes made.
Have a parade
Have a paranormal experience
Have a party and hire those cheezy strippers
Have a party where everyone I would ever like to meet is
Have a past life regression
Have a past life regression session
Have a pen pal & meet them in their country/state/province/etc
Have a pen pal from 5 different countries
Have a pen pal from another country
Have a perfect sight (10/10)
Have a Personal Library In My Future House
Have a personal outing with my child once a month
Have a pet
Have a pet lemur and name it King Julian
Have a pet pug
Have a pet rabbit
Have a pet rock
Have a pet starfish
Have a pet.
have a Philly cheesesteak in Philly
Have a picnic
Have a picnic by a river or lake
Have a picnic on a cliff
Have a picnic on a green rolling hill with a checkered blanket
Have a picnic on the beach
Have a picnic.
Have a picture wall
Have a pink Christmas tree
Have a pizza bagel at the Old School Bagel Cafe in Stillwater
Have a plant named Robert Plant
Have a poker party. Use chips, candy and pretzels instead of money
Have a pool party at my home
Have a Positive Net Worth
Have a positive net worth
Have a positive outlook on life
Have a poster of Marilyn Monroe
Have a professional photo shoot
Have a Progressive Dining Experience
Have a progressive dining experience
Have a puppet show
Have a quickie in a skirt
Have a random guy buy me a drink
Have a real Christmas tree
Have a real facial done professionally
Have a real ghostly experience
Have a really well paid job and 4 children
Have a rebound relationship
Have a red bull at least once in my life
Have a red dwarf marathon, while we eat vindaloo & drink larger
Have a relationship longer than a year
Have a relationship more than a year
Have a relationship which lasts over 5 years
Have a romantic getaway at an exotic location
Have a rooftop party
Have a room in my house for relaxation/meditation
Have a room just for my high heels
Have a room with a world map wall
Have a rose covered gazebo in my backyard
Have a round bed
Have a royal flush
Have a saline pool
Have a scary and difficult goal, do it any way
Have a sculpture by a famous artist, such as Fernando Botero, in your backyard
Have a séance
Have a secret room in my house behind a bookcase
Have a shot-for-shot drinking contest
Have a signature bear at a party that everyone signs
Have a signature dish
Have a signature drink
Have a signature look
Have a six-foot-long sub
Have a skylight in my bedroom
Have a snow day in the summer
Have a solo trip and rent a cabin on a lake
Have a song written about me
Have a spa day
Have a specialist read your aura
Have a spooky/offbeat adventure in New Orleans
Have a star named after me
Have a star officially named for me as a gift
Have a star trek marathon
Have a stranger secretly pay for my meal
Have a street named after me
Have a street or building named after you
Have a summer Olympics games day
Have a summer romance
Have a surprise birthday party thrown for me
Have a tearful goodbye with somebody I’m not dating or related to
Have a tennis ball signed by your favourite tennis player
Have a tequila in tequila
Have a toga party
Have a toned tummy
Have a traditional cut-throat shave
Have a trailer covered in fairy lights
Have a trampoline in my yard
Have a tropical drink in Miami
Have a tropical vacation
Have a turtle called Annie
Have a two finger ring
Have a vacation in a cottage or villa overlooking the sea
Have a valentine on valentine's day
Have a very white Christmas in Yosemite valley
Have a walk in closet
Have a walk-in closet
Have a wardrobe like Mr. Big gives Carrie in Sex And The City :)
Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
Have a weeping willow in my yard
Have a well-stocked pantry
Have a well-trained rat that I can take to university
Have a White Christmas
Have a white Christmas tree
Have a wild black cherry tree on my property
Have a wild deer eat out of your hand
Have a Wine Collection
Have a wine collection
Have a wood-burning fireplace
Have a wraparound porch that faces west and a porch swing
Have afternoon tea
Have afternoon tea at a posh restaurant
Have afternoon tea at the Ritz
Have afternoon tea in a posh hotel
Have afternoon tea in an expensive hotel
Have all my family together at least once a year
Have all of the insurance that you need to protect yourself from risk
Have an "original shrimp cocktail" at the birthplace of shrimp cocktail (The Golden Gate, Las Vegas, America)
Have an Academy Awards party
Have an adventure flying with a puppy
Have an all inclusive holiday
Have an all things nerdy "board games " night out with my friends
Have an all-night drinking session
Have an amazing night I can't remember
Have an amazingly landscaped backyard
Have an aquarium coffee table
Have an aromatherapy massage
Have an article published in a magazine
Have an article published in The New Yorker
Have an aura reading
Have an Australian Christmas on the beach
Have an authentic cheesesteak in Philadelphia
Have an author visit our book club
Have an elaborate picnic from a wicker basket
Have an elephant eat out of my hand
Have an emergency fund
Have an encounter with a new animal
Have an entire wardrobe that I actually like
Have an epic room all to myself
Have an epic vegetable garden
Have an estate plan
Have an hourglass figure
Have an ice cream cake on my birthday
Have an indoor fireworks party
Have an insane impromptu night that becomes a great story
Have an Instector Gadget movie marathon with my friends
Have an item inspire many people and be on a featured list
Have an old fashioned picnic
Have an open connection with my spirit guides (Aug 2011)
Have an Oreo milkshake
Have an orgasm
Have an orgasm drink
Have an out-of-body experience
Have an rv of my very own
Have an unbirthday party
Have an upside down Christmas tree
Have Asian dressing with lettuce in the morning the heat from the spicy will wake you up
Have at least 1 child
Have at least 5 real friends
Have at least 9 online boyfriends in my life
Have at least a dog & a cat
Have at least one Jewish friend
Have at least one really nice outfit for special occasions
Have bacon wrapped scollops
Have bangers & mash in england
Have breakfast in a diner in my pj's
Have breakfast in bed
Have buns of steel
Have champagne tea at the savoy
Have children
Have Children (biologically or adopt)
Have Chocolate Fondue
Have clear porcelain skin
Have cocktail drinks in a limo with friends
Have cosmetic surgery
Have cosmetic surgery.
Have custom shoes made for me
Have deep dish pizza
Have Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago
Have diner with candlelight
Have dinner at a restaurant that overlooks the entire city
Have dinner at 'medieval times'
Have dinner at the rainbow room
have dinner by candlelight
Have dinner in a location that overlooks the entire city
Have dinner in the sky
Have 'dinner in the sky'
Have dinner in the stratosphere in niagara falls
Have dinner on the beach.
Have dinner outside while watching the sunset
Have dinner overlooking the water
Have dinner with a celebrity
Have dinner with a family from a different culture
Have dreads
Have drinks at an ice bar
Have eggs benedict
Have enough money left for the grandchildren to enjoy
Have enough money to have a comfortable life style
Have family rituals and traditions to celebrate holidays and important life events
Have fancy dress Friday dinners every Friday
Have fantastic sex
Have flawless skin
Have fondue
Have fun at an indoor water park
Have fun at galveston pleasure pier in texas
Have fun at the batting cages
Have gelato for breakfast
Have great-grandchildren
Have guy buy me drink
Have high tea - with a twist
Have ice cream sundaes
Have kids
Have laser eye surgery
Have lunch at a three chefs hatted restaurant
Have lunch on the Seine
Have More Fun at Work
Have more fun at work
Have more goals that are completed than ones that are "things to do"
Have morning sex
Have my “fifteen minutes of fame”
Have my 11:11 wish come true
Have my 5th job
Have my adventures read at my funeral
Have my boobs done
Have my caricature done
Have my dad walk me down the aisle
Have my dream home
Have my essays and poems published
Have my father walk me down the aisle
Have my first child
Have my first jaegerbomb
Have my first kiss
Have my fortune told
Have my hair cut short
Have my handwriting analyzed
Have my husband kiss my pregnant belly
Have my idea standing at great idea
Have my name in the credits of a movie/animation
Have my name on wikipedia
Have my name standing in a 3js album
Have my name written in chocolate
Have my name/picture on a billboard in times square (nyc,america)
Have my own apartment
Have my own brand of tea
Have my own car
Have my own famous quote
Have my own greenhouse
Have my own home office
Have my own line of pens
Have my own person trainer
Have my own radio channel
Have my own website
Have my Palm Read
Have my palm read
Have my palms read
Have my performance make someone cry
Have my picture in a newspaper.
Have my picture in the newspaper
Have my picture on a novel
Have my picture on the front page in a newspaper
Have My Picture Published in a Newspaper
Have my picture published in a newspaper
Have my portrait painted
Have my song on the radio
Have my teeth whitened
Have my toes kissed
Have my very first car
Have nice undergarments
Have no Credit Card Debt
Have no credit card debt
Have no enemies at time of death
Have no white walls in my home
Have one last adventure before I kick the bucket
Have one of my friends win big brother Canada for me
Have one of my novels talked about in a newspaper / on a radio station / on The View / in a magazine / on a TV show / by Oprah / on other talk shows
Have one of the biggest parties of the year
Have one of your paintings hanging in a museum
Have our cameos done in paris
Have pastel hair
Have popcorn movie day on a rainy day
Have random strangers write down what they wish for on a white board for a day
Have Really White Teeth
Have really white teeth
Have sea horses in my aquarium
Have season tickets to the theater
Have sex / in a car / in a field / field of wild flowers / foreign country / park / public place / public place without getting caught / in a sex swing / in a twin bed / in my parents’ bed / in my parents-in-law’s bed / in the back of a van / in a lake / in rain / in the shower / on a pool table / on a ship / on a vibrating bed / on a water bed… you get the idea.
Have sex with someone who is totally wrong for you but is just hot as all fuck.
Have sexy legs
Have somebody make up "chuck norris facts" about me
Have someone come dressed up as the grim reaper to my funeral
Have someone contact me to tell me that i’ve made a difference in their life
Have someone do one of those rorschach tests done on me and see how crazy I really am
Have someone famous sign my breasts xd
Have someone give me flowers
Have someone paint my nude portrait
Have someone send me a post-a-plate postcard plate
Have someone send me a postcup postcard
Have someone win me a giant stuffed animal
Have something at starbucks
Have stunning abs
Have surgery
Have tea at the ritz, london
Have tea in England
Have tea with an english person
Have that moment that makes me feel infinte
Have the boss of your factory/store/park/job tell you you are the best at something
Have the cutest babies ever
Have the cutest wardrobe ever
Have the dark mark tattoed somewhere
Have the guts to go through with major jaw surgery
Have the most attractive boyfriend ever
Have the most comfortable, cosy bed
Have the nerve to tell someone being noisey behind me to shut up
Have the nerve to tell someone being noisy behind me to shut up
Have the perfect milkshake
Have the restaurant staff sing to you for your birthday
Have the whole movie theater to ourselves so we can make stupid comments throughout the movie :)
Have theme music follow me for a day like in a movie
Have two toned hair
Have unique signature items that will pass on to my kids and/or grandkids when I die
Have your 15 minutes of fame
Have your art end up in a art exhibit
have your children/friends/strangers pick five ingredients from the grocery store and cook the dinner using those items.
Have your fifteen minutes of fame
Have your heart broken
Have your home featured on architectural digest
Have your home safety inspected
Have your name a bench in a park
Have your name printed on the front of your marathon shirt so people in the crowd can cheer for you
Have your own family
Have your paintings exhibited in a gallery
Have Your Portrait Painted
Have your portrait painted
Have your portrait painted by a street artist
Have your portrait painted.
Have yourself a little cannonball run. Different teams. Different beat-up used cars, procured specifically for this occasion and each costing less than $700. A race for time across 278 miles of road (and 90 degree desert heat) between los angeles and las vegas, and no rules about t-boning, rear-ending, or winning at any coSt.
Having a Martini
Having a Mojito
Having a roomie
Head Cheese
Headhunters' trail, sarawak, borneo
Heal my past
Heal My Past
Heal yourself from _________
Hear a lion roar
Hear a mass said by the pope
Hear a ted presentation in person.
Hear a whale sing
Hear a wolf howl to a full moon
Hear Andrea Bocelli sing opera in Milan | Italy
Hear big ben chime
Hear my echo in bighorn canyon national recreation area
Hear the Call to Prayer at the Blue Mosque | Turkey
Hear the call to prayer in Istanbul
Hear the call to prayer in istanbul
Hear the reenactment of the Gettysburg Address on Nov. 19th at Gettysburg, PA
Hear the singing ringing tree in england
Hear the sound of a humpback whale
Hear whale songs in the wild
Hear wild wolves howl
Heard how to a serve vollyball and be good at it
Heart beat nail design
Heaviest corner on earth alabama
Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.
Helicopter to the wettest spot in the world, kauai
Helicopter tour
Helix bridge, singapore
Hellicopter ride of everest
Help 101 Entrepreneurs Better Their Lives Through Micro-Loans at Kiva.orgHelp a girl in a third world country be able to go to school
Help a charity at christmas time
Help a charity.
Help a child learn
Help a homeless person get a fresh start
Help a homeless person get back on his/her feet
Help a kid being bullied
Help a member of your family out when they really need it
Help a stranger
Help a stranger in need
Help an Endangered/Injured Animal
Help an endangered/injured animal
Help an orphanage abroad
Help and volenteer ant the public library booksale
Help baby turtles find their way to the water.
Help Build A Habitat For Humanity Home
Help build a Habitat for Humanity home
Help build a house
Help clean up a neglected cemetery
Help education a girl in another counrty (world vision )
Help in a soup kitchen
Help my husband pursue a dream
Help out a random stranger in distress
Help out someone in need
Help out with a kiva loan
Help paint a mural
Help people in another country
Help plant an orchard
Help protect our country’s flora and fauna
Help raise money for a cause that will not benefit me in any way
Help run an event
Help someobe cut out thier caffine addiction !
Help someone deal with a crisis
Help someone for free
Help someone get over thier phobia !!!
Help someone getting out of new age
Help someone learn English
Help someone load or unload their groceries
Help someone move
Help someone whose car is broken down
Help someone with a check on their bucket list
Help someone with yard work
Help someone without wanting anything in return
Help to bring life into the world.
Help turtles hatch and make it to the oceanHerd Cattle
Help with a ted conference
Henderson waves bridge, singapore
Henry ford museum dearborn, mi
Herd cattle
Herd cattle of cows
Herd cattle of goats
Heritage quay
Hervey bay
Hide $1,000 in cash in my house for an emergency
Hide a love note in my babe's pocket before they go to work
Hide behind the couch and scare someone
High falls gorge, New York
High five a seal/walrus
High five a stranger
High five a walrus
High five someone famous
High tea in england
Highwire treetop adventure
Hijack an electronic road sign to say something funny
Hike 10 mountains
Hike 3+ miles everyday for a week straight
Hike 5 different volcanoes
Hike a trail near mt rainier
Hike a volcano
Hike around a volcano
Hike at every national forest
Hike batona trail-home of the jersey devil legend
Hike cathedral peak in yosemite national park
Hike during a full moon
Hike during the night
Hike Every Trail at a State Park
Hike every trail at a state park
Hike everyday for a month straight
Hike for two weeks straight
Hike griffith park-hollywood sign
Hike in 5 national forest
Hike in 5 national parks
Hike in a rainforest
Hike in las vegas
Hike in the Yellowstone Backcountry Where Most Tourists Never Go
Hike into an empty volcano
Hike into Antelope Canyon | Arizona
Hike more than 20 km.
Hike on 10 new trails
Hike on 5 new trails
Hike on a glacier
Hike once a week for a year
Hike saddleback mountain
Hike sweet creek falls oregon
Hike the Appalachian Trail
Hike the chief
Hike the continental divide trail
Hike the entire appalachian trail
Hike the gorge trail in watkins glen state park, New York
Hike the gr 20
Hike the Grand Canyon
Hike the grand traverse and the tongariro crossing in new zealand
Hike the great divide trail
Hike the 'great eastern trail'
Hike the grouse grind
Hike the haiku stairs, a.k.a. The stairway to heaven, on o'ahu, hawaii
Hike the half dome
Hike the half dome, yosemite national park
Hike the haute route from mont blanc to the matterhorn
Hike the headhunters trail
Hike the heaphy track
hike the highest peak of your home country
Hike the inca trail
Hike the Inca Trail | Peru
Hike the inca trail in peru
Hike the john muir trail
Hike the kalalau trail in hawaii
Hike the koko trail in hawaii
Hike the larapinta trail
Hike the laurel highlands trail
Hike the lewis river trail in southern washington
Hike the milford track
Hike the milford track in new zealand
Hike the murray valley trail in australia
Hike the napali coast
Hike the narrows in zion national park
Hike the new england national science trail
Hike the pacific crest trail
Hike the Tongariro Crossing
Hike through an ice cave!
Hike through fog/mist
Hike through olympic national park, washington
Hike through the crooked forest
Hike Through the Crooked Forest | Poland
Hike through the devvetashka cave in bulgaria
Hike through the dolomites in switzerland
Hike through tiger leaping gorge in china
Hike through 'tollymore forest park' in Ireland
Hike through umpqua dunes in oregon
Hike to the highest spot in town
Hike to the top of 5 different volcanoes
Hike to the top of a mountain
Hike to visit inca descendants
Hike Up a Mountain
Hike up a mountain to a bridge and bungee jump off
Hike up a snowy mountain
Hike up lions head in time to see the sun rise
Hike zion park
Hip hip dance summer camp
Hire a 4wd and explore the entire fraser island for 14 days
Hire a bouncing castle for myself and play all day on it :)
Hire a celebrity to sing at your birthday party
Hire a houseboat on the hawkesbury
Hire a jet ski
Hire a jumping castle for 24 hours and play in it all day with the kids
Hire a maid for a least one day
Hire a Personal Shopper
Hire a personal shopper
Hire a professional chef for a day
Hire a van and drive around tassie
Hire an accountant and a tax attorney to make sure you're taking advantage of all available tax breaks
Hire someone
Hire someone.
Hire two private investigators and get them follow each other
Historic antebellum home and gardens alabama
Historic village diner, red hook, ny
Historic williamsburg, virginia
Hit a ball in the batting cages
Hit a baseball
hit a bucket of golf balls
Hit a bullseye in archery
Hit a galf ball at a driving range
Hit a Golf Ball out over Water
Hit a golf ball out over water
Hit a hole-in-one with a witness
Hit a home run
Hit a home run.
Hit a jackpot in vegas
Hit a pinata
Hit a piñata with eyes covered
Hit a royal flush in poker
Hit a target at 1500 yards with a rifle
Hit best sellers list
Hit bullseye on a dartboard
Hit New York best sellers list
Hit roswell for the annual UFO weekend
Hit someone over the head with a frying pan
Hit the Archery Bulls-Eye
Hit the archery bulls-eye
Hit the town with bright red lips
Hit up a nude beach
Hitch a ride from a sea turtle
Hold $5,000 cash in my hand at one time
Hold a baby alligator / chick / leopard / monkey / owl / panda / tiger / white tiger / bald eagle / bear cub / butterfly / catfish / koala / ladybug / lamb / lemur / macaw / Madagascan hissing cockroach / monkey / praying mantis / python / a scary beast / sloth / snake / starfish…
Hold a butterfly in my hand
Hold a christmas party in july
Hold a formal party
Hold a fossil from a dinosaur
Hold a free hugs sign in public.
Hold a garage sale
Hold a glee marathon
Hold a huge spider
Hold a koala / lemur / owl / lamb / monkey / shark / snake / bird / baby chick / tarantula / ladybug / parrot / spider / orangutan
Hold a newborn's hand.
Hold a note for at least 60 seconds
Hold a Spartan plank
Hold a successful phone call for 2 hours
Hold a sword
Hold a tulip wearing a turban
Hold an academy award
Hold gallium in my hand
Hold hands and walk barefoot along the beach
Hold my breath under water for two minutes
Hold someone’s hand while driving
Hold the door for people and see how many “thank yous” you get from people in a day
Hold the door open for someone
Hold the door open for strangers
Hold the Stanley Cup
Hold up a free hugs sign
Holi Festival | India
Hollow out a book and put a flask in it
Homemade holiday challang mission
Hop around the islands of Greece
Hop Farm Festival
Hop on a driving train
Hop on and off a hop-on, hop-off bus all around cape town
Hope and pray that my children have the some interests as i do
Horseback ride on the beach
Horseback riding on the beach
Horse-drawn carriage through central park, New York
Host a bake off
Host a big outdoor BBQ
Host a black and white party
Host a candlelight supper under the star
Host a charity fundraiser
Host a Cookie Exchange
Host a cookie exchange
Host a cookie exgange
Host a dinner party
Host a dinner party and do a multi-course meal
Host a foam party
Host a game night
Host a lemonade stand
Host a Mexican fiesta complete with cerveza
Host a movie party
Host a nerd party at my house
Host a scavenger hunt
Host a thanksgiving dinner with only food that has weed in it
Host a theme party
Host a toga party
Host a wine tasting party
Host an Easter egg hunt
Host an outdoor barbeque.
Host Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter for large family gathering
Hot tamales
Hotbox my vehicle
Hot-tubbing while it’s snowing outside
House of tiles (Casa De Los Azulejos) Mexico
House On the Rock, Dodgeville, WI
Hover craft racing
Howl at the full moon
Hug a koala bear / a large cat (tiger, lion, leopard) / a monkey / a penguin / a pug / an orangutan / a panda
Hug a mascot
Hug a person with a "free hugs" sign
Hug a redwood
Hug a tree
Hug Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse
Hug someone for 5 minutes straight
Hug someone that is wearing a "free hugs" sign
Hug someone you don't normally hug
Hula hoop for a minute straight
Human Tower Competition | Spain
Hunt for amazing books in a second hand book store
Hunt for bugs
Hunt for bugs on a nature walk
Hunt for fossils and bones
Hunt for four leaf clovers
Hunt for meteorites on Antarctica
Hunt for truffles
Hunt for wild mushrooms
Hunt vampires in Romania
Hunt, kill and eat an animal

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