Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ideas, G

Gallop on a horse
Gamble / at / in ---
Gate crash a fancy party/wedding/funeral
Gather all of my genealogy research and put it into a book for my family
Get --- friends on Facebook
Get 1,000 twitter followers
Get a --- (a thing, a treatment, a quality...)
Get a 1st aid qualification
Get a bikini wax
Get a blow out
Get a body part signed by someone famous
Get a Brazilian wax
Get a bumper sticker will a cool phrase on it
Get a butterfly tattoo
Get a caricature drawing by a street artist
Get a college degree
Get a complete makeover
Get a drink for a stranger
Get a fish pedicure
Get a fishbowl drink
Get a foot massage
Get a free upgrade on a plane
Get a half-sleeve tattoo
Get a headshot in Modern Warfare
Get a headstone for someone’s grave
Get a henna tattoo
Get a hole in one
Get a hot stone massage
Get a job / a second job / a third job / your second job
Get a makeover
Get a makeup lesson
Get a massage
Get a meaningful tattoo
Get a new bed
Get a New Year’s kiss at midnight
Get a polaroid camera
Get a professional body massage
Get a second passport, and maybe a third too.
Get a six pack
Get a spa pedicure
Get a spray tan
Get a strike in bowling
Get a tattoo
Get a tattoo for my mum
Get a tattoo with a design from my best friend.
Get a trampoline
Get a turkey in bowling (3 strikes in a row)
Get acupuncture
Get adopted as an adult
Get all --- albums
Get all straight As on progress report card and/or report card
Get an action figure made of yourself
Get an article published / in --- / in the print edition of Esquire, GQ, Wired, Details, or Maxim Magazine.
Get an audio recorder and leave it hidden somewhere for a day
Get an avenged sevenfold death bat tattoo
Get an inner lip tattoo
Get an intimate body piercing
Get arrested
Get away with the perfect practical joke or hoax
Get backstage at a concert/event
Get barred from a pub or bar
Get better at ---
Get bucked off a bucking bronco
Get carnal in a foreign country
Get chocolate wasted
Get close to a --- / a coconut crab / a wild moose / wild buck
Get close to the action at a big sport event
Get closure on all your hurt, grievances and unhappiness of the past
Get comped/upgraded something
Get competitive
Get completely off coffee
Get completely smashed and film it
Get contact lenses
Get credited as a “producer” for a motion picture, theatrical production, or video game
Get cross-faded
Get drafted into baseball
Get driver’s license
Get drunk on jello shots
Get exposure to all sorts of music
Get featured on TV/radio/print/newspapers for an achievement you are proud of
Get fired, for cause.
Get fitted for a bra
Get free drink on birthday
Get hugged from behind
Get hypnotized
Get hypnotized and have a past life regression
Get ice cream from an ice cream truck
Get in a proper morning routine
Get in a shaving cream fight / physical fight / mud wrestling fight / cream pie fight / and win / a “real” fight (verbal or physical)
Get in a taxi & yell "follow that car!!"
Get in the best shape of my life with a personal trainer
Get in the Guinness Book of World Records / ---
Get interviewed by a reporter
Get into ---
Get into physical shape I would describe as “outstanding”
Get involved in a protest
Get involved in my community
Get kissed / on ---
Get kissed under a waterfall
Get lost / in --- / on purpose
Get lost in a corn maze
Get married / at least once
Get my --- ---ed
Get my --- license / --- certifications
Get my [part of the body stronger or any other such fitness goal]
Get my bartender license
Get my book published
Get my boyfriend to do my make up
Get my dream job as a ---
Get my eyebrows waxed
Get my face on a cereal box
Get my face painted
Get my family tree cleared to the 1800s
Get my fingers to go straight again
Get my first real paycheck!
Get my first salary
Get my fishing license
Get my Gmail inbox to zero
Get my goal weight tattoo
Get my handwriting analysed
Get my kicks on route 66
Get my masters / PhD
Get my nails schlacked
Get my name published in a 'lonely planet'
Get my own clothing line
Get my own Wikipedia page
Get my palms read / go to a psychic for fun
Get my passport
Get my portrait painted by a street artist
Get my sleep schedule straight
Get my teeth fixed for that perfect smile
Get my tragus re-pierced
Get my truck lifted
Get naked in front of an audience
Get obsessed with ---
Get on TV
Get ordained
Get out of debt
Get over 500 followers on twitter
Get over my fear of ---
Get paid for being a ---
Get paid to travel
Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it, instead of just thinking about it
Get past the audition and not be the first one to be voted off on x factor
Get photographed in --- / get my picture taken ---
Get picked up at the airport by someone with a sign with my name on it
Get postcards / from [a place] / from [a person]
Get professional photos taken of myself
Get professionally certified
Get properly fitted for clothes/bra/etc.
Get published
Get really drunk off of champagne
Get reunited with ---
Get revenge
Get rid of ---
Get road head.
Get robbed
Get ---'s autograph
Get scuba certified
Get shot by a paintball with no protective armor
Get showered in confetti
Get slapped in the face
Get some degus
Get some sort of souvenir from every place I go and fill my house with these items... Every item should have a wonderful story attached
Get someone high for the first time
Get someone to feed me grapes
Get someone to help you pick out new clothes
Get something besides my eyebrows waxed
Get something besides your eyebrows waxed
Get something engraved with my own name
Get something for free on craigslist
Get something free from complaining
Get something I really wanted!
Get something named after you
Get something pierced
Get sprayed with water from a famous person
Get straight as for my a-levels
Get straight as in SPM
Get stranded on ---
Get stuck on a Velcro wall
Get surrounded by elephants
Get swag
Get teeth whitened
Get tested
Get the ---
Get the kids to help wash the windows on a hot day with huge water guns
Get the next flight to anywhere
Get the worm from the bottom of a tequila bottle
Get through ---
Get tipsy with good company
Get to know a stranger
Get to know your neighbors
Get to my ideal weight
Get to the coordinates 0° 0' 0"
Get up at 5 a.m. for a week
Get up close to a --- / [place]
Get up early and have breakfast outside
Get very close to a wild owl
Get VIP passes / to a show
Get waxed / spray tanned / teeth whitened
Get wet on bumper boats
Get Yiddish on audio tapes
Get your astrological chart made / fortune told / handwriting analyzed / chakras aligned / palms read
Get your body in ultimate shape once in your life
Get your life in shape
Get your name in the ring of honor at flying saucer
Give ---
Give 100 compliments in one day
Give 100 roses to 100 random people
Give 100% in the middle of a relationship
Give a --- party
Give a dog a bone
Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
Give a homeless person a meal.
Give a keynote speech
Give a lap dance
Give a manicure / pedicure / massage to someone
Give a panhandler all of my money
Give a piggyback ride to someone
Give a slice of my pizza to the delivery man
Give a speech / at a good friend’s wedding / to a large crowd / a touching and inspirational speech / keynote speech
Give a star a horrible name
Give a ted talk
Give away something you love to someone you love
Give away, sell or throw out everything you didn't use the last year
Give blood
Give directions
Give directions
Give each other oil massages ;)
Give money to a homeless person
Give more than I receive
Give more than you receive.
Give my kids a day off school for no reason (take them out somewhere fun)
Give my parents the honeymoon they never had
Give my son or daughter away to someone special someday
Give myself a glorified title and put it on a t-shirt
Give or receive ---
Give out 100 compliments
Give out smiley face balloons
Give school supplies to third world countries
Give someone a ---
Give someone a candy pooper as a gift
Give someone something they've always wanted
Give something up for lent and last the full period
Give the elderly the gift of music
Give the keynote speech at an important event
Give third world country bee keeping kits (world vision)
Give to a charity -- anonymously.
Give to someone, without expecting back
Give up ---
Give up something for a month
Give your left over food from a restaurant to a homeless person that doesn't have anything to eat
Give your mother a dozen red roses and tell her you love her
Give yourself a pedicure
Giving random kindness to whoever who needs it
Glue a coin on the street
Go “cold turkey”
Go 100 days without fast food
Go 130 mph in a topless Corvette
Go 130 mph in a topless corvette
Go a month without drinking Pepsi
Go a walk every day for a month
Go a week drinking only water
Go a week without coffee or caffeine pills or Coca-Cola
Go a week without makeup
Go absolutely apeshit on an ex who did you wrong.
Go as fast as I can driving on a long straight road
Go at least once a year to a place I have never been before
Go back to school
Go bamboo rafting
Go barefoot in an urban setting
Go barefoot in the rain
Go bird watching at a nature reserve
Go blob jumping
Go blonde - even just a little bit
Go boondocking
Go bouldering
Go camping and watch the moonlight
Go camping for 2 days in the forest
Go camping.
Go canoeing
Go clamming
Go clay pigeon shooting
Go commando for a day
Go cow tipping!
Go crazy with Christmas lights
Go deep into a cave
Go down --- / a class 2 rapid on an inner tube / a giant slide
Go down a class 2 rapid on an inner tube
Go Electronics-Free For 24 Hours
Go electronics-free for 24 hours
Go escalator sliding
Go explore the wilderness for a day and camp in the middle of nowhere
Go fat biking
Go fishing / deep sea fishing / and eat your catch /flyfishing / crayfishing / ice fishing
Go for a --- / during --- / in --- / along ---
Go for a hike along a river
Go for a trip on the orient express
Go for a walk in the snow
Go glamping
Go go-karting
Go hang gliding
Go heli-skiing
Go hiking and complete a trail
Go hiking in the mountains
Go horseback riding in --- / across --- / in the snow / on a beach / through orchards /
Go hunting
Go ice climbing
Go ice skating on a frozen lake / an outdoor rink
Go in a ---
Go in a Indian teepee
Go in a sauna
Go in a submarine
Go indoor paint balling
Go indoor rock climbing
Go ---ing / in --- / naked / with ---
Go inside a --- / mansion / pyramid
Go into a crowded elevator and say: 'I’ll bet you're all wondering why I gathered you here,' with a straight face
Go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight.
Go jetskiing
Go kart racing
Go kayaking at the --- islands / in the --- archipelago / in a foreign country / in --- / in tropical waters / off --- / through ---
Go kayaking.
Go kitesurfing
Go muddin'
Go night swimming.
Go on a ---
Go on a “no destination“ road trip.
Go on a 10+ mile hike
Go on a 2-3 day hiking trip
Go on a 3 day cowboy adventure (camping with horses)
Go on a 5 state road trip
Go on a bungee trampoline
Go on a canal boat
Go on a canopy bridge
Go on a clothes shopping spree
Go on a cruise
Go on a cruise to your favourite place
Go on a dice walk
Go on a dog sledding expedition
Go on a family vacation out of state
Go on a glass bottom boat
Go on a haunted hayride
Go on a hot air balloon.
Go on a midnight picnic
Go on a murder mystery weekend
Go on a mystery bus tour
Go on a paranormal tour
Go on a road trip with friends
Go on a roadtrip
Go on a romantic night picnic with my husband
Go on a romantic weekend
Go on a safari
Go on a scavenger hunt
Go on a seaplane
Go on a skidoo ride
Go on a sleigh ride
Go on a spontaneous road trip
Go on a stakeout
Go on a sunrise or sunset date
Go on a trail ride with horses
Go on a trail ride with horses
Go on a trip by yourself
Go on a Valentine's Day Date
Go on a valentine's day date
Go on an adventure
Go on an airboat ride
Go on an early morning forest walk
Go on one or more spontaneous adventures with your best friends.
Go on slingshot ride
Go on vacation with a boyfriend
Go on vacation with your best friend.
Go out for a meal by yourself. Order a glass of wine and read a book. Write in that journal you keep meaning to update.
Go out one night and not come home until the sun rises
Go outside and lie on the grass
Go outside in bikini when it's raining!
Go outside when it’s raining and dance and do whatever:")
Go paintballing
Go 'Parahawking'
Go Parasailing
Go parasailing.
Go people-watching
Go punting
Go rafting lazily down a river
Go river tubing
Go sailing
Go sand surfing
Go sandboarding.
Go scuba diving
Go seal spotting
Go searching for ---
Go see ---
Go shark diving
Go shopping at --- / in --- / every day for a week
Go shrimping
Go skinny dipping
Go skinny dipping somewhere unexpected
Go skydiving
Go skydiving - for real
Go skydiving. Go skydiving again.
Go sledging
Go snorkeling.
Go snow scooting
Go snow tubing
Go snowshoeing
Go someplace where no one knows your name
Go somewhere public in pajamas
Go somewhere with crystal clear water
Go somewhere with no cell phone reception for at least a week.
Go star gazing a 2 in the morning
Go star gazing a 2 in the morning
Go swimming in crystal clear blue glacier water
Go through a hedge maze
Go through a "slutty" stage.
Go through a drive-thru backwards
Go through a labyrinth
Go through a mirror maze
Go through a real mirror maze
Go through a totally monastic stage.
Go through the tunnel of love
Go through the world's longest hedge maze
Go to (places with funny/interesting names)
Go to / the --- (theater, museum, city, place, church, amusement park, etc. Etc.)
Go to a --- summer camp
Go to a 24-hour shop at 3 am
Go to a Beyoncé concert.
Go to a blues bar
Go to a book signing
Go to a car show
Go to a car show
Go to a cemetery at night
Go to a Cirque De Soleil show
Go to a club theater show
Go to a concert
Go to a concert / each genre of music / in the park
Go to a concert for a band or singer you've never heard of
Go to a dark sky preserve
Go to a drive-in movie
Go to a garage sale
Go to a hookah bar
Go to a jai alai match.
Go to a magic show
Go to a mall and buy one food item from each take-out place
Go to a meditation retreat
Go to a midnight viewing of a movie
Go to a murder mystery dinner
Go to a music festival
Go to a paint party
Go to a Play
Go to a play
Go to a random roadside attraction
Go to a real costume party
Go to a religious service of another faith
Go to a renaissance fair
Go to a rock concert
Go to a rodeo
Go to a shooting range and fire off a Kalashnikov rifle
Go to a shooting range and fire off a desert eagle .50 action express.
Learn to disassemble and reassemble a Kalashnikov
Learn to disassemble and reassemble a Desert Eagle .50 Action Express
Go to a small theater production
Go to a sporting event
Go to a Sunday church
Go to a supposedly haunted house
Go to a tattoo festival
Go to a ted conference
Go to a vodka lounge
Go to a world series game
Go to a yoga retreat
Go to a YouTube event
Go to an acting audition and ace it
Go to an airport and watch the planes take off and land
Go to an animal killing and eating ceremony
Go to an aquarium
Go to an indoor water park
Go to an oasis
Go to an open mike night and perform
Go to an 'Ugly Christmas Sweater party'
Go to bartending school
Go to bed earlier
Go to dinner theater
Go to motorcycle school
Go to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in full costume
Go to the --- (event, game, festival...)
Go to the beach, and let the waves tickle your toes.
Go to the big apple
Go to the cinema by myself
Go to the circus
Go to the closest 7 Eleven and buy and drink 8 kinds of slushy
Go to the country fair
Go to the dogs
Go to the grocery store on a full stomach
Go to the movies alone
Go to the Olympics
Go to the opera
Go to the pantomime
Go to the roller derby
Go to the supermarket and buy at least one weird thing you’ve never eaten before
Go to watch an --- / the ---
Go tobogganing again
Go tree camping
Go trekking in a rainforest
Go trick or treating / as ---
Go trike drifting
Go truffle hunting
Go tubing down a river
Go under water and open my eyes while stoned
Go underground at ---
Go up in a hot-air balloon.
Go up north so I can experience 24 hours of sunlight
Go up the ---
Go up to random people and ask "how are you doing?" see what kind of conversation you can start
Go vegetarian for an entire month.
Go volcano boarding / sledding
Go wacky racing
Go wake-boarding
Go walkabout in the land of Never Never
Go water slide racing
Go water slide racing
Go waterskiing / barefoot
Go way outside my comfort zone
Go whale-watching / in --- / and actually see a whale
Go where I want to go
Go white water kayaking / rafting / in ---
Go whitewater rafting
Go wild knitting
Go wild with my friends in a distant place
Go windsurfing
Go wine tasting / along the scenic rim wine trail / at --- / in ---
Go wing walking
Go winter hiking and camp overnight / go winter camping
Go without chocolate for 3 months
Go without fast food and take-aways for 101 days
Go without internet / without watching television / for two weeks / for 365 days straight
Go wreck diving
Go wwoofing
Go yurting
Go ziplining / above water / at night / in --- / in winter / on an active volcano / through a jungle /
Go zorbing / in the ocean / on water
Go zorbing down a hill
Go zorbing on water
Golf 18 holes
Gondola ride / gondola massage
Google my name and find something interesting / google search my name & have at least 1 page of stuff
Google search my name & have at least 1 page of stuff
Grab a shark by its nose
Graduate from high school / university / with ---
Graduate from university
Graduate High School
Graduate high school
Greet my significant other at the door wearing something sexy
Grill something new / something weird / the perfect slab of ribs
Grow a beard and leave it for at least a month.
Grow a bonsai tree
Grow a caterpillar into a butterfly
Grow a garden.
Grow a mustache
Grow a postcarden (garden in a "postcard" - flat package you open and inside is the soil, seeds and "garden fence" pop-up)
Grow a pumpkin
Grow an abundant herb garden
Grow and eat my own vegetables.
Grow fruit and make jam with it
Grow in faith
Grow my hair long / to the middle of my back / to my butt
Grow my hair to my butt
Grow my own Pumpkins for Halloween
Grow my own...
Grow old disgracefully
Grow old with the love of my life
Grow orchids / strawberries / sunflowers / tomatoes / my own vegetables / my own herbs
Grow your own food.
Grow your own vegetables
Gut an old fixer-upper house and completely remodel it

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