Monday, January 6, 2014

Ideas, F

Face a fear in an extreme way
Face all my fear and get over them
Face my fear and hold a snake
Face my fears
Face your greatest fears
Face your own mortality by taking a physical risk.
Fake a birthday in a restaurant to get free dessert
Fall asleep floating down a river / in an airport / in an open field / in someone’s arms / in the arms of someone who loves me / on grassy plains
Fall asleep in the arms of someone who truly loves me
Fall backwards into water
Fall deeply in love -- helplessly and unconditionally.
Fall in love
Fall in love with art all over again
Fall off a horse and get right back on
Fall through a cloud
Family ski trip
Fan expo
Farmers Market
Fart in a crowded space
Fax your MP
Feed a bear / a chipmunk / a cow / a crocodile / a giraffe / a hippo / a horse / grass to a horse out of the palm of my hand / a kangaroo / a joey / a koala / a lemur / a monkey / a penguin by hand in Antarctica / penguins / a red panda / a seal / a snake / a Tasmanian devil / a tiger / a baby tiger / a whale / an elephant / an ostrich / animals at the zoo / at least 3 animals at the zoo by hand / birds in an aviary / fish in the ocean / sharks / the ducks / the ducks at a pond /
Feed a homeless person
Feel an earthquake
Feel beautiful and sexy
Feel each other smiling while kissing
Feel like a model
Feel magical
Feel sand in between your fingers
Fell a tree
Fight old age with humor and grace
Figure out how to tie all the knots (Scouts)
Figure out your priorities
Fill 10/20 operation Christmas child boxes
Fill 100 water balloons and put them all on a trampoline see how wet you get
Fill a bucket with loose change
Fill a classroom in a third world country with school supplies
Fill a kiddie pool with whip cream and jump in it
Fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets and drive to the middle of nowhere to go stargazing
Fill an elevator to maximum capacity
Fill an entire spiral notebook with writing
Fill at least one passport book
Fill my whole Pandora bracelet with charms
Fill somebody’s room with balloons and when they pop them glitter goes everywhere
Fill up an entire coloring book
Fill water balloons with soap and water and wash your car
Fillet a fish
Film a POV video of a full day in your life
Film myself while sleeping
Film, produce, direct, act, write a horror movie with a few of my best friends
Finally have the closet I want
Find a ---
Find a 4 leaf clover
Find a beach with no one else on it
Find a job you love.
Find a note on my windshield
Find a pearl in an oyster
Find a phrase or quote that will be your personal mantra and live by it.
Find a really, really interesting toilet
Find a song that defines me as a person
Find a treasure with a metal detector
Find an animal skull on a hike
Find an attic full of amazing old things like in the movies
Find an old school friend
Find an opal (or other precious stone) and have it made into jewelry
Find an outdoor habit/ activity and do it outdoors
Find ancient buried treasure
Find and frame a 3 leaf clover
Find beauty and happiness in little things
Find hidden treasure(s)
Find inner peace
Find my best friend from secondary school / high school
Find my life’s passion
Find my mentor
Find my own personal Seven Wonders
Find my perfect lipstick shade
Find my prince charming
Find my signature scent
Find my way through a maze
Find my word (like in eat, pray, love)
Find Nemo
Find out how many balloons it takes to lift me off the ground
Find out my blood type
Find out what really happened to Norma Jean Baker
Find out which celebrity/celebrities you are related to
Find out why a raven is like a writing desk
Find sea glass
Find solitude in secret places
Find some frogspawn
Find someone interesting in my family tree
Find someone with two different eye-colors
Find someone with your same name
Find someone’s lost pet
Find something with a metal detector and sell the thing you found
Find spiritual balance
Find the coolest thing in your city and photograph it
Find the event calendar for your city, or a bigger city nearby, and make note of the fun stuff coming up you can do.
Find the meaning of your name
Find the nearest winetasting and get buzzed like classy people
Find the one
Find the perfect black dress
Find the perfect chocolate cake recipe
Find the perfect place to spread the ashes of someone special to me
Find the perfect shade for your hair
Find the perfect sunglasses
Find treasure in the ocean
Find treasure with a metal detector
Find true love
Find your life’s passion
Find your version of “The Beach.”
Find your way with a map and compass
Find, buy and restore a bike i wanted as a kid
Find my friend
Finger paint on canvas and frame it
Finish a 365 Photography Project
Finish a 5k run in under 25 minutes / under 30 minutes
Finish a bottle of nail polish
Finish a corn maze
Finish a crossword puzzle
Finish a home maintenance chore
Finish a number painting
Finish a Sudoku
Finish a triathlon
Finish a video game from start to finish.
Finish a whole tube of chapstick
Finish a Wreck This Journal
Finish all of the crash course episodes of world history
Finish an 1000 piece puzzle
Finish and frame a 2,000 or more piece jigsaw puzzle
Finish coloring a whole coloring book
Finish My 100 Strangers Project
Finish my book
Finish my college scrapbook
Finish my maatschappelijk stage
Finish my novel
Finish our bedroom
Finish reading ---
Finish the Bathroom renovation
Finish the book --- are working on
Finish the crash course episodes of chemistry
Finish the downstairs
Finish the shower room decorating
Finish what I start and learn something from it
Finish writing my Christmas Cantata (for a choir) & have it performed & recorded
Finish writing my rock musical: music, lyrics, story
Fire a cannon
Fire a full automatic machine gun
Fire a gun
Fire a musket
Fire a pistol
Fire a rifle
Fire some rounds out of a Kalashnikov
Fire someone
Fire truck ride
Fire walk
Fish a lazy warm water river
Fish for blue marlin
Fit into my skinny jeans
Flash a stranger
Flatten coins on a train track
Flip a house
Flip a pancake without it splitting
Flip off a celebrity
Flip off a security camera
Flip on a trampoline
Flirt with a guy at the beach
Flirt with someone
Float down a river on an inner-tube
Float down a river with my friends and an esky of beer & snacks
Float in a sensory deprivation tank
Float through the sunrise in a hot-air balloon
Float weightlessly in a floatation tank
Fly a helicopter into a volcano
Fly a kite / again / kites
Fly a plane
Fly an airline style jet simulator
Fly and land on water in a seaplane
Fly around a city in a helicopter
Fly at the speed of sound
Fly first class / on an International trip / with Emirates
Fly in a ---
Fly in a blimp / helicopter / private jet / small, non-commercial airplane/ the Beaver / a Cessna / a F16 / MIG (to see the curvature of the Earth)
Fly on 100 airplane flights
Fly on a trapeze
Fly on a vacation solo!
Fly over a volcano / an active volcano
Fly over seas
Fly over the ---
Fly somewhere and sit in the window seat
Fly somewhere on my own
Fly through the Bermuda triangle
Fly to Maui with my lover and count the grains of sand
Fly with a thunderbird or blue angel!
Fly with Qantas
Fly off from a swing after swinging really high!
Fold 1000 paper cranes
Follow a band around and see at least 5 shows
Follow a band on tour
Follow a few paces behind someone, spraying everything they touch with a can of Lysol
Follow a rainbow
Follow first responders to a crime scene
Follow in Ansel Adams footprints in Yosemite national park
Follow joggers around in a car blasting ''eye of the tiger'' for encouragement
Follow my bliss
Follow my food from field to table
Follow my horoscope everyday for a year
Follow people who inspire you on twitter and/or Facebook
Follow the couch to 5K running plan
Follow the reindeer migration in Sweden/Finland
Follow the salmon run
Follow your dreams.
Follow your favorite band or sports team for a week or two
Follow your food from field to table
For a whole day buy all the pictures taken (of yourself) in an amusement park
For a whole year walk 2 hours 3 days a week
For one day replace the word now with meow
Forgive and let go of grudges
Forgive others
Forgive someone
Forgive your parents.
Forgive yourself
Form or play in a band
Foster a child and/or animals
Fostering close-knit family relationships with my kids, parents, siblings and extended family members
Found a nonprofit organization to help others
Found your own business and do what you love.
Frame my proposal caricature
Frame my solar eclipse photo
Free food on my birthday
Freeze a water balloon and peel off the balloon part
From a parachute jump
Fry an egg on a rock in Arizona
Fuck a stranger before 9:00 pm on a Tuesday.
Fulfill my childhood dream of owning a
Fulfill your new year’s resolutions
Full Moon Party Thailand
Full-Body Fish Nibbling
Fund a kick starter campaign
Furnish a classroom in a third would country

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