Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ideas, E

Egg someone's house
Eliminate junk mail
E-mail a friend you haven't spoken to in awhile
E-mail one of your heroes
Embark on a spiritual journey
Embrace Your Mistakes
Empower Your Estrogen trips
Empty out a stapler, then go up to someone and fake staple their chest
Enable all 3 children to go on a skiing holiday
Encourage a friend to do something she has never done and is scared to do
Enjoy a $400 (or more!) Dinner at one of the world’s best restaurants
Enjoy every moment as if it was my last
Enjoy little comforts in life
Enjoy some time in a sunflower field
Enjoy the little things in life
Enjoy The Ride
Enmark on a group adventure
Enrol in a course and learn something new
Enter 100 online contests and win about 10 of them in my life
Enter a bike race
Enter a cave
Enter a cave
Enter a food eating contest
Enter a tennis tournament
Enter a writing contest
Enter art in an exhibit
Enter every competition I can
Enter in a Demolition Derby
Enter into an Air Guitar Competition
Enter that pumpkin in a pumpkin growth contest
Enter that sculpture in a contest for ice sculptures
Enter the Vatican
Entertain the elderly at a nursing home
Escape from America
Establish a foundation in your name
Establish a foundation to give music scholarships to poor children
Execute a somersault.
Executive produce a short film
Exercise 20 minutes every day for a year
Exercise at least twice a week
Exercise daily and LOVE IT
Exercise five days a week for 1 hour without cheating
Expand human knowledge in your area of expertise
Expand my vocabulary and stop swearing
Experience 20 different modes of Transportation
Experience a completely different culture (living like someone else for a time)
Experience a moment that I never want to forget
Experience a sensory deprivation/Isolation tank
Experience a sunrise in its true glory
Experience an angel
Experience an earthquake
Experience an incredibly romantic moment
Experience an out of body experience
Experience big sport events, like Olympics, world cup etc.
Experience bliss
Experience bluegrass country music
Experience brain-freeze
Experience complete bliss
Experience different cultures
Experience hail
Experience humanity's contact with extraterrestrial civilization
Experience Latin rap
Experience living on my own
Experience LSD
Experience off-road motorcycling
Experience Oktoberfest
Experience paradise
Experience real snow during winter :)
Experience seeing one of your favourite music artists
Experience something you loved as a kid
Experience that ancient feeling
Experience the baba Indian head massage
Experience the birth of an animal
Experience trie swing music
Experience weightlessness
Experience Zero Gravity
Explore a cave
Explore a rain forest
Explore this place and that. Explore ruins and routes. Explore beaches and states and scenic this and that.
Explore your home town.
Extract honey from a bee hive
Eyes closed; order whatever my finger lands on the menu

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