Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ideas, D

Dam a stream
Date a guy with a beard or a mustache
Date someone who is totally "wrong" for you.
Decide that you have enough money to be satisfied
declutter my home
Decorate --- / --- for a holiday / wine glasses / your yard for a holiday or occasion
Decorate a blank t-shirt
Decorate my whole house for Christmas
Decorate my whole house with paper snowflakes
Decorate your house with tons of Christmas lights.
Dedicate a full day to cloud watching
Dedicate a whole night to stargazing
Dedicate my first published book to my parents
Deface a building [without getting caught*]
Dehydrate my food
Deliver fresh-baked cookies to city workers
Descend --- / into ---

Design ---
Design / create / customize my own --- (pieces of clothing, items like glasses or stationery)
Design a room I love
Design a superhero costume
Design a website
Design and create a --- collection
Design and program a video game / create software / create an app
Design my own kitchen and bathroom
Design sexy bras for busty ladies out there
Design/Create a --- / a family crest / a logo / amusement park / a room / a website

Destroy a --- / with a ---
Develop a --- accent
Develop a nice, consistent signature
Develop a personal uniform.
Develop a unique recipe that’s pretty darn good      
Develop an online business that earns over $3000/month in passive income.
Develop general knowledge on important topics
Develop greater self-esteem and self-confidence
Develop my talk show to be one of the best and most popular talkshows, benchmarking The Oprah Show, Tyra Show and Ellen Show
Develop your intuition
Die happy / with a smile on my lips
Dig a snow tunnel
Dig for clams / in ---
Dig my own cave or massive hole
Dig up something valuable
Dine at a --- / in a --- / in the sky
Dine at a riverfront restaurant
Dine in the dark
Dine out at a Michelin star restaurant
Dine underwater
Dip into water while Ziplining
Dip my toes in the Nile
Dip-dye accessories
Discover a new favorite restaurant
Discover a new species (and have it named after you)
Discover if blonds really do have more fun
Discover my life purpose
Discover my natural talent
Discover something/solve a mystery
Discover what makes you truly happy / your life's purpose / my natural talent / my true beliefs
Dismember a chicken
Dive in a --- / into a --- / off --- / the --- / at ---
Dive off the high diving board
Dive with a ---
DIY a shoe!
DIY a T-shirt
DNA Test

Do --- (a race, a tour, a dance, a thing, an experience, a walk...)
Do 100 sit ups per day for a week
Do 24 hours of silence
Do 3D Puzzle
Do 5 chin-ups
Do 50 random acts of kindness
Do 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes
Do a belly dance
Do a cartwheel
Do a charity 5k Walk
Do a charity walk
Do a chore at work that someone else usually has to do
Do a cleanse
Do a cleanse
Do a detailed pumpkin carving
Do a flip on a trampoline
Do a handstand
Do a Haul
Do a headstand on an escalator
Do a home repair project yourself
Do a House Swap
Do a hugging challenge
Do a kegstand
Do a Magic Trick
Do a melted crayon canvas
Do a memory jar for a year
Do a moonwalk
Do a night meditation in the desert
Do a part time college course in something fun
Do a Random Act of KindnessDo a ropes course
Do a runner from a fancy restaurant
Do a science experiment
Do a single arm push-upDo a single jump on ice-skates
Do a somersault
Do a space jump like Kittinger or Baumgartner
Do a street performance and get money
Do a themed run
Do a 24 hour silence
Do a wheelie on a bike / MC / do a bunny hop with your bike
Do a wine tasting
Do a wing-walk
Do all the lessons in "a course in miracles"
Do an "Explore California" road trip
Do crosswords every day for a month
Do different marathons in different costumes
Do DNA test to find my heritage
Do five high adrenaline activities
Do human bowling
Do impromptu solos while electric guitaring
Do in-practical jokers challenge
Do karaoke.
Do missionary work in Africa
Do my own taxes
Do not live by other people expectations
Do Powerbocking
Do snow angels NAKED
Do some sort of good deed while concealing my identity in a superhero costume (at least once)
Do some sort of physical exercise for 20 minutes, every day, for a year
Do something completely cliché
Do something cool for my --th birthday
Do Something Crazy For Charity
Do something exciting that requires the use of a headlamp
Do something good that will impact someone’s whole life
Do something I saw on Pinterest
Do something illegal
Do something incredibly interesting and refuse to monetize it.
Do something new every day / for a week / for a month / for a year
Do something newsworthy
Do something nice for someone who will never find out
Do something people say I can't do
Do something people will remember me by long after I'm dead
Do something really cool for my 30th Birthday!
Do something simply because I want to
Do something stupid
Do something that almost gets me killed
Do something that completely terrifies you
Do something that scares you at least once a year.
Do something that scares you.
Do something to make a difference
Do something worthwhile for my community
Do standup comedy
Do tequila shots
Do the "he loves me, he loves me not" with a flower
Do the back bend (bridge) bending from the standing position
Do the cinnamon challenge
Do the five-dollar savings plan
Do the green tea 7 day diet challenge
Do the hula
Do the jump over leg trick
Do the knife game and sing the song
Do the No Pants Subway Ride
Do the polar bear plunge
Do this
Do tricks with nitrogen
Do vodka shots in Russia
Do voluntary work
Do woodworking
Do work that makes you say to yourself, “I would do this for free.”
Do your own taxes
Dock a boat
Dog sled
Don’t drink any caffeine for one month
Don't bite nails / complain / drink alcohol / let --- to happen / say anything negative / wear --- / shave / --- / for a week / two months / a year
Don't sleep for 36 hoursDon't work out for a week.
Down Hill Biking
Dramatically change your hairstyle

Draw a #DIYRAINBOWCROSSING with chalk on a footpath

Draw ---
Draw --- (a person)
Draw a --- (animal)
Draw a comic
Draw a heart in the sand
Draw a self portrait
Draw a 'Zentangle'
Draw funny faces / scared faces an all the eggs in my fridge / someone else's fridge
Draw my own army
Draw on a wall
Draw on someone’s face while they're sleeping
Draw pictures in total darkness and see how they turn out
Draw smiley faces on sticky notes and stick them all around town

Dream an afternoon away on a river bank
Dress in super sexy lingerie
Dress in super sexy lingerie
Dress like --- for a week
Dress up and go to a Renaissance fair
Dress up and play Santa Claus
Dress up as a --- / in --- / and walk through the town
Dress up as a chicken and cross the road
Dress up as a monkey, go into a shop and buy bananas
Dress up fancy and go somewhere mundane
Dress up in period costumes
Dress up really fancy to go to McDonald's
Dress up weird and walk through town

Dribble a basketball and shoot a goal
Drift down a major river on an inner tube

Drink ---
Drink 50 different tea and write a comment on each of them
Drink a beer at Oktoberfest
Drink a bottle of trendy champagne
Drink absinthe
Drink at a distillery
Drink from a ---
Drink from a coconut
Drink hot chocolate with true love
Drink milk from a fresh coconut
Drink moonshine
Drink nothing but water for 1 week / 1 month / for a year
Drink only water for a week
Drink or bathe in Lourdes water
Drink rain
Drink smoothies everyday for a month
Drink something with an umbrella in it in hawaii
Drink tea at a tea house
Drink tea out of a bag
Drink tequila with a Mexican... In Mexico
Drink wine in Italy / in a claw foot tub /
Drink with ice I chipped off of a glacier
Drink with the Irish
Drink yerba maté.

Drive --- / drive up --- / drive through --- / over --- / from --- to --- / to --- / with my best friend / in a --- /
Drive --- / in a --- (different cars, like Porsche or Lamborghini / different vehicles )
Drive a car on the “wrong” side of the road
Drive a convertible with the top down and music blaring.
Drive a race car
Drive a Segway
Drive a snowmobile
Drive a speed boat
Drive a sports car over 100mph
Drive a tank
Drive a Tesla Roadster.
Drive a tractor
Drive a Zamboni
Drive across a bridge / covered bridge / the longest bridge / the --- bridge
Drive an ATV
Drive and fire a tank
Drive cattle across Montana
Drive fast enough to be scared
Drive in a convertible with the top down
Drive into a pool of chocolate
Drive jeep on beach
Drive my dream car
Drive naked
Drive on Roller Coaster Highway, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Drive on the Atlantic Road, Norway
Drive or ride on a motorcycle
Drive or see a Bugatti Veyron in person
Drive over 150 mph on the autobahn
Drive Route 1 In Iceland, the ring road around the country
Drive somewhere spectacular just to watch the sun rise
Drive the going-to-the-sun road
Drive the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts
Drive the Ring of Kerry, Ireland
Drive the Tail of the Dragon
Drive through a dust storm
Drive through an old covered bridge
Drive through a rainbow
Drive up to a remote farm steed and ask to buy some petrol for the car

Drop a watermelon from a height
Drop everything I am doing and do a huge favor for an old friend in need
Drop that muffin top
Drunk hike
Dry age my own steaks
Duct tape someone else to a wall
Dunk a basketball / in a game
Dunk someone in a dunking booth
Duplicate an outfit from a magazine
During 1 day walk around the city collecting trash
DVD project artists
Dye a beanie
Dye Easter eggs
Dye my hair / a crazy colour / weird color / an unexpected color / nonsensically / pink / purple / blue / black / blonde / bright red / brown / dark / light / green / orange / yellow / rainbow colored / ombre / the color my friends choose /  dip-dye my hair / during the --- / for --- awareness / one strang of hair / for a week / a year / Dramatically quit a job i hate

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