Friday, January 3, 2014

Ideas C

Cage Bungee Slingshot – Paris
Call 867-5309 and ask for Jenny
Call 867-5309 and ask for Jenny / 911 (not prank calls!) / dial-a-joke / from a red phone booth / in one of Britain's first red telephone boxes / someone to tell you can't talk right now / someone, tell them to look out their window, and be standing on their front lawn / Call the local radio station and dedicate a song to someone
Call or Visit Someone Who is Sick
Calm an extremely angry person

Camp at/in/on --- (national park, state park, some specific place)
Camp in the backyard / on a mountain / for a week / in rain / in winter / overnight / under --- / with my best friend / with --- / naked / next to a --- / by a ---
Camp in a Yurt / in an airstream / for a week
Camp under the stars on the beach and see the sun rise / under the stars in the mountains / in line for tickets for something important to me
Camp and cuddle under the stars with someone special
Camp and Sleep on Top of a Mountain
Camp in the lakes with horse drawn wagon
Camp out in the wilds
Camp under the stars on the beach and see the sun rise.

Canoe down --- / during --- / in the --- / on a ---/ the --- / through ---
Canoe during sunset
Canopy climb
Canopy Walk
Capture a lightning bug
Capture every important moment of your life
Care for a Stray Animal
Carry a totem in my pocket
Carve a heart with the name of the one I love into a tree - somewhere romantic
Carve a pumpkin / an intriquate pumpkin / a whole family of pumpkins
Carve my initials / my name / a heart in a tree / with --- / in --- (place)
Carve my name in a tree
Carve my name into the rocks at the Giant's Causeway in Ireland (DON*T!)
Carve our names into a tree
Carve something out of wood
Carve sugarcane and eat it
Cash in loose change and do something good with it
Casually sit with a stranger at a restaurant and eat a meal
Catch ---
Catch a falling leaf
Catch a fish and eat it / an release it / with my bare hands / catch it, gut it, cook it and eat it / a Goliath Tiger Fish / a Marlin
Catch a fly with my bare hands
Catch a raindrop / snowflake / in your mouth / on my tongue / on my eyelashes
Catch a raindrop in my mouth
Catch a snowflake on my tongue
Catch a wave surfing
Catch an egg before it rolls off a tabletop
Catch everything at a Teppenyaki Dinner
Catch something as it falls off a table and declare myself a ninja
Catch something thrown offstage at a concert
Catch the bride's bouquet of flowers
Cave Dive
Cave tube
Celebrate --- / in ---
Celebrate a custom you have never heard of
Celebrate an occasion by popping open champagne
Celebrate my birthday / at --- / in --- / for over 24 hours / together with someone who shares my birthday / my birth year / a different country
Celebrate my half birthday
Celebrate New Year in a different country
Celebrate potato day on National Potato Day, August 19
Celebrate 'Raleigh Day'
Celebrate Romantic milestones and don't take life for granted
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
Celebrate the month of ---'s daily observances
Chair a PTA Event
Challenge someone who thinks they are smarter than you
Change a diaper
Change a tire / a flat tire / by myself / someone else's tire / without having to be asked
Change my name
Change someone’s life for the better
Change someone's opinion on marijuana
Change something about you that you don’t like
Charter a yacht
Chase a tornado
Chase a wild turkey
Chase people with a chainsaw dressed as Freddy on Friday the 13th
Cheat death
Check in and run out of the classroom
Check out ---
Cheer wildly
Chew on coca leaves in Peru and Bolivia
Chill out in a Japanese garden
Chill out on a beach and make snow angels in the Sand
Chill out on a roof top in Berlin
Chill with a Monkey
Choose a character from a movie or a book and live a day as if you were him/her
Choose a color for a day and celebrate it
Choose different pizza toppings
Chop a tree down with an axe
Chop firewood in the country
Chuck rocks into the Grand Canyon
Circular breathe (for the didgeridoo)
Clean a chicken
Clean up my room
Clean up something outdoors
Clean up trash at a state park
Cliff dive / cliff jump
Climb a fence / a ladder over 50 feet / a lighthouse / a rock wall / a rope / a silo / a small climbing wall / spiral staircase / a water tower / an ancient ruin / a pyramid / an outer wall of a skyscraper / on the roof of a restaurant / a store /
Climb a glacier / a volcano / an active volcano / an active volcano at midnight and watch it erupt throughout the night / a rock arch over the ocean /
Climb a huge hill / mountain / 4 different mountains / a 14er / a high mountain / a legit mountain / and give a barbaric yawp at its peak / at the edge of your comfort zone / with ---
Climb a tree / a coconut tree / a palm tree / a really big tree / a tall tree all the way to the top / a weeping willow / in --- / with --- / 100’ high /
Climb aboard a pirate ship
Climb all 272 steps to the top of Batu Caves
Climb an indoor rock wall
Climb down a big rock
Climb or run up famous stairs – like the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Rocky stairs, stairway to heaven, Spanish stairs…
Climb this mountain and those stairs and that famous thing that can be climbed
Climb to a waterfall
Climb to the top of a moving train / of a rope in a gym / of a volcano / of a tree / of a waterfall / of a mountain
Climb Up a Slide
Climb/scramble/trek up more mountains
Clip bad news from the paper and burn them in a ritual fire
Clip coupons
Coach a team / a youth sports team / a championship team / kids
Coat my arm in glue and then peel it off after it dries
Cobble/Make My Own High heels
Coin a word
Collect 101 Bucket List Blogs
Collect 50 / 250 / 500 Postcards
Collect a deck of cards / money / shot glasses / sand / magnet / coins / from every place I visit
Collect all of the released versions of ---
Collect beads at Mardi Gras / seashells on a beach
Collect eggs from a nest / honey from a beehive
Collect goods for a food bank
Collect my favorite recipes
Collect shells at the beach.
Come up with a list of ---
Come up with a list of 10 things I've learned from people
Come up with my 10 all-time favorite cartoon characters
Comment on 50 random blogs
Commission a piece of custom artwork / a painting / ---
Commit a petty crime.
Commit an act of piracy and hijack a boat
Commit to ---
Communicate freely with my brother
Compete in ---
Compete in a frog jumping contest
Compete in a horse endurance race
Compete in a horse show
Compile recipes into my own cookbook
Complete --- (a challenge, a course, a project...)
Complete 10 days of trekking in the jungle
Complete 100 random acts of kindness
Complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
Complete a 5000-piece puzzle.
Complete a 5k
Complete a Childhood Dream
Complete a crossword puzzle without cheating
Complete a full P90x series.
Complete a horse jumping obstacle*
Complete a ropes course
Complete a Rubik's Cube
Complete a sketchbook
Complete an entire book of Sudoku puzzles.
Complete an X-Box game to 100%
Complete my first EP 'Pyramids of the Sky'
Complete my Personal MBA.
Complete some sort of physical challenge.
Complete the 100 Snapshots Challenge
Complete The '5,000 Question Survey'
Complete the 5000 question survey - part one (1 - 1250)
Complete the 5000 question survey - part two (1251 - 2500)
Complete the 5000 question survey - part three (2501 - 3750)
Complete the 5000 question survey - part four (3751 - 5000)
Complete The Demon Run
Complete the three legs of an Iron Man triathlon, separately: a) Swim 2.4 miles. b) Bike 112 miles. c) Run a marathon.
Completely change my style
Completely plan your dream home down to the fine details
Completely trust someone I have never seen in real life
Compliment 20+ people in one day
Compose a song / a jingle for a commercial / on a ---
Concentrate on what you have instead of what you don't have
Eat a conch
Confidently drive a car / while towing a trailer
Connect a whole bunch of straws together then drink a drink from across the room
Connect with people who have the same fear you have, and ask how they overcome it
Conquer high heels
Conquer insomnia
Conquer one of your biggest fears
Conquer the fear of speaking/reading and singing in public
Conquer your fear
Constantly improve my photography and learn techniques
Construct furniture
Consume a maple bacon donut
Contact someone who bears the same name as me
Contact someone with my own name
Continually volunteer your services
Continue my gene pool
Continue your education
Continuously grow and help others live their best lives
Contribute to a time capsule
Contribute to someone's Kickstarter
Controlling the urge to buy things
Converse with a parrot
Convince a friend to audition for a reality show
Convince someone that I am from another country
Cook ---
Cook & deshell & prepare a whole crab to share with family
Cook 52 new meals in a year
Cook 52 new meals in a year
Cook a 3 course meal for someone
Cook a big holiday feast / by myself / from scratch
Cook a complete meal from another culture / country
Cook a complex dish
Cook a full English breakfast on a BBQ in the sun
Cook a gourmet meal over a campfire
Cook a meal for over 50 people
Cook a meal from all 195 countries
Cook a meal once a week for a needy family
Cook a recipe using an old cookbook from the 1800s
Cook a successful roast pork all by my self
Cook a traditional dish from a different culture
Cook an egg on the lava flow of an erupting volcano
Cook at least 50 recipes from Foodgawker.
Cook at least one item from every cook book i own
Cook Christmas dinner
Cook every dish in one cookbook
Cook every dish in one cookbook
Cook every single recipe in a cookbook.
Cook in heels, a dress, jewels, an apron and an updo
Cook something
Cook something new every day for 30 days
Cook something using fruit or veg I’ve grown
Cook something with ---
Cook while somebody is hugging me and kissing me from behind
Cook with ---
Cook with a celebrity chef
Cook with my partner
Copy a music video
Corn Maze
Correspond with a pen pal from another state or country
Correspond with someone you love for years and then publish the letters
Cosplay as Aladdin from MAGI
Cover a bedroom ceiling with glow in the dark stars
Cover myself in paint and roll around on a canvas
Cover someone's car in Post-it notes / the bed with rose petals / the ceiling of my bedroom with glowing stars / entire house with candles
Cover the bed in rose petals
Cover the ceiling above my bed with glowing stars
Crack a whip
Crack an egg on my own head / an egg on the sidewalk on a hot day and see how long it takes to cook
Crack open a coconut / and drink its milk
Crash a party / a wedding / where you don't know anyone and make a friend
Create a ---
Create a bumper sticker
Create a charm bracelet, filling it with charms with meaning
Create a Christmas light display synched to music
Create a family logo
Create a family tree
Create a flower arrangement
Create a fragrance
Create a Holiday and make my friends celebrate it
Create a home with an inviting, joyous, comfortable, loving atmosphere
Create a new ice cream flavor
Create a non-profit foundation for ---
Create a passive income
Create a piece of art & sell it
Create a podcast
Create a power-outage kit for my house
Create a room you love
Create a self-study program for life-long learning
Create a tradition of getting together with your extended family for a barbecue once a year
Create a travel journal so my future children can read all about my adventures
Create a trust fund for your child
Create a video & upload it to the internet
Create a Vine account
Create a Wall Full of Pictures, Quotes, Memories, etc
Create a web site
Create a website
Create a YouTube video that goes viral
Create an alter-ego
Create an extensive collection of funny place names' photos
Create an ice sculpture
Create an image or message big enough to be picked up by the Google Earth satellite and see it online when I zoom in on my house
Create and sell something in a store
Create food art
Create latte art
Create my own cocktail
Create my own ice cream flavour
Create my own recipe
Create my signature dish
Create or help edit a page on Wikipedia
Create passive income / enough passive income so that you don't have to work another day in your life
Create some artwork for an exhibition
Create the next big internet phenomenon
Create the perfect up-do
Create your family tree
Create your own personal recipe book
Create your own personal stationary
Create your own web site.
Create/paint a mural
Crochet / --- / 10 blankets / for charity
Cross a country on a bicycle / motorbike / using only public transportations
Cross a glacier / a river / on foot
Cross a river on foot
Cross a river(bed) by walking over a tree
Crossdress and try to pass
Cross private property which says ”Trespassers will be shot”
Cross the --- border / the Equator / international date line / prime meridian
Cross the --- bridge / a --- bridge / over a ---
Cross the Atlantic on a boat
Cross The Intersection at Abbey Road
Crowd Surf / at a concert / at a rock concert
Cruise --- / in a --- / on a --- / on the --- / the --- / to --- / from --- to ---
Cruise in a low rider
Crush cars with a Monster Truck
Crush grapes with my bare feet
Crush Grapes with My Feet in a Vineyard
Cuddle a baby crocodile / a cow / a dingo / a koala / a koala at lone pine koala sanctuary (Brisbane, Australia) / a tiger / a baby panda
Cuddle next to a campfire
Cuddle on a rainy day
Cuddle up with someone in front of a fire on a snowy day, with a warm blanket and hot chocolate
Cultivate valuable friendships
Curate a personal library
Cure my own bacon
Customize a chocolate bar at Chocomize
Cut down a tree with a chain saw / your own Christmas tree / a pine tree for Christmas
Cut my hair short
Cut off sugar for a month
Cut off toxic relationships
Cut out eyes into empty toilet paper rolls, stick a glow sticks in, and hide them in bushes at night to freak out people passing by
Cut out friends you don't really like.
Cut sugar / meat / --- from your diet / cut down ---
Cut the ribbon at a major opening
Cut your hair really short / someone's hair
Cycle 15 Miles / 20 miles / 25 miles
Cycle across --- / down --- / from --- to --- / in --- / the ---

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