Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ideas 22

"Unplug" for 48 hours

Airboat across an alligator infested swamp

Always use the stairs instead of elevators or electrical stairs

Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"

Apologize to 3 people I have hurt, thank 3 people who helped me most, and reconnect with 3 people I never thought I would see again

Ask a famous person for their signature

Ask for a raise

Ask my spouse 20 questions that I don't know about him

Assemble an emergency kit for the house

Attempt the milk challenge (you have one hour to drink a gallon of milk)

Attend a Baby Shower

Attend a Baby's First Birthday

Attend a funeral

Attend a random free seminar

Attend a rugby game

Attend a wedding

Attend an air show

Attend senior prom
In the United States, and increasingly in the United Kingdom and Canada, prom is a semi-formal (black tie) dance or gathering of high school students. This event is typically held near the end of the senior year (the last year of high school).

Awake to the sounds of the rain forest

Be able to do a pull up
Be able to do 10 pushups at a time
Be able to do the splits
Be able to touch my toes without bending my knees

Balance a bucket of water on my head

Bathe an elephant

Be a bridesmaid/maid of honor
Be a flower girl at a wedding

Be a contestant on 'The price is right'

Be a good friend to all the women and men in my life who are so good to me

Be a playboy bunny for Halloween

Be a role model

Be able to rap an entire Eminem song from memory

Be able to tell if someone is lying

Be an extra in a movie

Be an inspiration to many people

Be buried up to my neck in sand

Be chased by zombies

Be covered by bees

Be given roses

Be in a blizzard

Be in a couch race

Be in a relationship on Valentine's Day

Be in a school play

Be in a submersible cage as Great Whites swim around

Be in contact with people around the world

Be in the newspaper

Be in two places at once

Be left-handed for an entire day
(With other words, don’t use your dominant hand. If you ARE left-handed, this isn’t anything to brag about.)

Be on a Volleyball Team

Be on boat during the sunset

Be part of a lock-in in a proper old pub
A "lock-in" is when a pub owner lets drinkers stay in the pub after the legal closing time, on the theory that once the doors are locked, it becomes a private party rather than a pub. Patrons may put money behind the bar before official closing time, and redeem their drinks during the lock-in so no drinks are technically sold after closing time.

Be part of a studio audience

Be prepared to survive zombies

Be present at someone's death

Be recognized for a talent by a complete stranger

Be smiling in a random person’s photo in the back

Be somebody’s Secret Santa

Be someone's best friend

Be spoiled on Valentine's day

Be told by a complete stranger that I’m pretty
Be woken up with a kiss

Beat my boyfriend at pool

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