Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ideas B

Back a boat trailer
Back up a friend in a fight
Backpack across South America / the Himalayas / around the world / at least 7 locations / Europe / into the Wilderness / through ---
Backpack with Kayak

Bake ---
Bake a birthday cake for a special someone.
Bake a cake
Bake a cake for someone special
Bake a cherry pie on National Cherry Pie Day, February 20
Bake a giant cupcake
Bake a loaf of bread
Bake a pie and have people love it
Bake a soufflé
Bake bread
Bake bread from scratch
Bake cookies for your neighbors, co-workers, etc.
Bake my own bread.
Bake someone a cherry pie and tell them to go have sex

Balance 8 rocks on top of each other
Balance a bucket of water on my head
Balloon ride
Ban negativity from your life
Bare it all at wreck beach
Barefoot waterski
Become a regular at a bar so that the bartender knows your name
Base jump in the world’s largest cave
Bathe an elephant
Bathe in 4 rivers that were part of ancient civilizations
Bathe in a Japanese bath house
Bathe in a real bath in the middle of nature
Bathe in chocolate
Bathe in Jell-O
Bathe in tea
Bathe in the Ganges
Bathe under a waterfall
Bay to breakers
BBQ by night
BBQ with charcoal
Beach bonfire
Beat a guy in an arm wrestling match
Beat a salmon ladder like they have on American Ninja Warrior
Beat a video game / the classic Super Mario Bros. game
Beat my boyfriend at pool
Beautify my face & body (lose weight, facials, hair removal, work out, etc.)
Befriend someone named Charlie and tour a chocolate factory with him
Befriend someone who needs a friend
Believe in something fervently, with every fiber of your being; then believe in its opposite.
Bet at the dog races / horse races / --- races / on a long shot / on the winning horse
Bid on an auctioned off storage unit / bid on, and win a locker at a storage auction
Bike 112 miles / 50 miles in a day / a century race / a metric century / an undetermined but long distance / to another town / to work
Birdwatch / on a tropical island
Black roses
Black water rafting (black water rafting is like white water rafting, except in caves...)
Bleach your hair
Blob jump
Blow $50 on nothing
Blow $50 on nothing / a bunch of money playing blackjack / a load of money in one shopping trip, just because you can / a lot of money gambling
Blow a bubble gum bubble as big as my head / big enough that it pops and lands on your nose
Blow a kiss to a rock star and have him blow one back
Blow a lot of money gambling
Blow bubbles/ in freezing weather / in the rain
Blow glass
Blow off a ton of illegal fireworks
Blow the horn on a passenger train
Blow the whistle on a steam engine locomotive
Bluff a hand of poker
Boat ride down the Thames
Bob for apples
Body surf
Boil a live lobster
Bond with a horse
Boogey like it’s 1999
Boogie board / in the ocean
Book a flight due to leave on the same day
Book a private booth at a nightclub
Book a table in a restaurant with a different name
Book a vacation through Groupon
Book an impulsive last minute holiday
Book and take a trip within 24 hours
Bottle a recipe & sell it
Bottle feed a baby lamb / a calf / a foal / a lamb / a newborn calf / a tiger / a tiger cub
Bounce in a bouncy-house / on a water trampoline
Bowl over 100 points / over 113 / a 200 game / 200 or more points / a strike
Box a kangaroo
Boycott something
Braid my hair together with someone else
Break & enter an apartment hot tub
Break a bad habit
Break a board in taekwondo
Break a bone
Break a goofy law
Break a guinness world record / a world record / a record / the world record for number of miles run on a treadmill in a 24 hour period
Break a piñata
Break a sheet of plate glass with a ball-pen hammer
Break a superstition
Break in a horse
Break up a fight
Breathe fire
Breathe in helium / then walk up behind someone and say "Follow the yellow brick road"
Breathe in the fresh air at Mt. Everest
brew my own beer / alcohol
Bring a new neighbor baked goods
Bring flowers to work and share them with coworkers
Bring my almost dead plant back to life
Bring someone a souvenir from every trip i take
Bring together two people who haven’t seen each other for a long time
Bring up a butterfly
Build a “beverage can” stove / a brick oven
Build a bamboo house / a birdhouse / a cabin / a cabin in the woods / with my spouse / a dog house / a doll house / doll houses / my own house / my dream house
Build a bear / build something at build-a-bear
Build a business with my husband
Build a classical music library / build my record collection
Build a Dia de los Muertos altar
Build a disc golf course / build my own driving range
Build a fence
Build a fort / a fort out of sheets outside / a fuck off fort / a den / a blanket fort again
Build a functional trebuchet
Build a garden
Build a giant sand sculpture/ sand castle
Build a gingerbread house
Build a Habitat for Humanity Home / a house with Habitat for Humanity
Build a home for the poor in a less developed country
Build a homeless shelter
Build a house of cards
Build a huge lego city / model / and have it featured on the brothers brick
Build a huge origami sculpture
Build a kit car
Build a major brand
Build a net gun
Build a patio/porch/deck big enough to have a lot of friends on at the same time
Build a pond in your backyard
Build a public park
Build a raft / a raft out of logs and float down a river / float on a homemade raft
Build a rocket
Build a scarecrow
Build a school in africa / a school in another country
Build a ship in a bottle
Build a snow fort and eat a meal in it with friends
Build a snow, sand or dirt man / upside down snowman / zombie snowman / a 6 feet snowman
Build a straw bale house on your own / a cob/straw bale eco friendly home
Build a teepee / on a beach
Build a time capsule
Build a toilet
Build a working piece of furniture / a piece of furniture / some fairly simple furniture without help from former felons or summer camp dudes
Build an audience of thousands of people
Build an awesome room
Build an igloo
Build an instrument (that works) / an instrument from a kit
Build an irresponsible fire.
Build and fly a kite
Build and run my own greenhouse
Build my own pc
Build my own window farm
Build my pet [animal of choice] a large [animal of choice] mansion
Build something
Build something that will outlast you
Build up a one-month food stockpile
Build/own a tree house / build a treehouse / a proper treehouse / a clubhouse in your backyard
Bungee jump
Bungee jump / at --- / from --- / in --- / off ---
Burn down an abandoned house
Burn something that has a lot of monetary value (or give it to someone who would benefit for the money. Like charity or some homeless person or a single mom.)
Burn things with a magnifying glass
Bury a secret
Bury a time capsule / with key memoirs in a secret location
Bury someone in the sand
Bush walk in the australian outback
Buy "schepsnoep'' for a 100 euros (schepsnoep is candy. A lot of different candy that you can pick and choose for yourself, how many of each sort you want.)
Buy 10 acres of land
Buy 100 scratch cards in one go /a £10 scratch card

Buy a --- / from ---
Buy a 60 day bus pass and just go / a one-way train ticket to somewhere you've never been / a plane ticket on the spot, as its boarding with "i want a ticket on the next plane out of here" / a same day plane ticket to a foreign country
Buy a backpack and pimp it / a pair of white shoes and doodle on them
Buy a boat and learn to sail
Buy a charm bracelet and fill it with lots of charms
Buy a cute outfit at a second hand store
Buy a dozen roses and put them on random tombstones
Buy a fancy dessert as a present to myself
Buy a house
Buy a lot of things at once at --- / buy 100 things at --- (not at once)
Buy a map of the world and pin all the places i’ve been
Buy a packet of cigars and leave it behind the reception desk of a maternity ward for all the new fathers
Buy a pair of XXXL sweatpants and try to see how many people you can fit into them
Buy a really cool umbrella
Buy a souvenir that was truly made by a local artisan
Buy a stranger a drink / a lunch / a pensioner an ice cream / a homeless person lunch / a suspended coffee for someone who can't afford it
Buy a surprise gift for a friend 'without' them thinking i want something in return
Buy a turtle in costa rica
Buy a video camera
Buy a word of the day calendar and learn a new word every day
Buy absolutely nothing for one week
Buy all the --- products
Buy an interesting item from an antique shop
Buy and own a ---
Buy and restore a ---
Buy and restore a 1965 or 1966 shelby mustang gt350.
Buy fresh flowers every month for a year
Buy fresh produce at the farmers’ market
Buy lunch for someone who is just starting out and needs to save the $10 more than you do.
Buy one book / a CD / a DVD a week (at random, walk in pick the first one I see and buy it)
Buy one of those giant city-wide lottery tickets for a good cause
Buy or sell something on Ebay
Buy Original Art and Support an Art Student
Buy something for a stranger off their wish list/registry
Buy something from an auction / an infomercial
Buy stock
Buy your own house and then spend time making it into exactly what you want.
Buy, ride cycle

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