Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ideas, 15 T

take 365 day challenge (journal, workout, be good to myself, read for 30 minutes)
take a bartending class
take a belfast black taxi tour
take a big trip on my own
take a bikram yoga class
take a bubblebath by candlelight with champagne, wine or sparkling cider
take a class on assertiveness
take a class on craftsy
take a class on negotiating
take a class to learn arabic
take a concealed weapon class
take a cooking class
take a cooking class w/my daughter
take a cooking lesson
take a cpr class
take a crocheting workshop
take a cross-stitch workshop
take a cruise
take a cruise of alaska
take a cruise somewhere tropical
take a day trip someplace new
take a euro-trip just to visit castles & cathedrals
take a falconry class
take a family cruise to europe
take a fencing class
take a figure drawing class
take a first aid course
take a flying lesson
take a french course in college or online
take a gondola along the venice canals in italy.
take a gondola ride in venice, italy
take a gun safety class
take a hairdressing class
take a helicopter flying lesson
take a helicopter ride
take a hike
take a hula hoop class
take a jewelry workshop
take a knitting workshop
take a krump class
take a leap of faith
take a lesson to play a musical instrument
take a long road trip with friends.
take a makeup lesson
take a massage class
take a morning jog
take a mud bath
take a new route to work
take a painting class
take a painting workshop
take a penalty on a professional football pitch
take a photocopy of my bum with a copy machine
take a photoshop class
take a pole dance workout class
take a pole dancing class
take a pottery class
take a professional pastry course
take a proper cabin/lodge/ski vacation
take a ride on the maid of the mist at niagara falls
take a road trip and go to all the chapters, indigos and coles and buy one thing from each store
take a road trip with my sisters
take a round-the-world trip
take a segway tour
take a self defense class
take a self-defense class
take a self-improvement retreat
take a serengeti safari in tanzania and kenya.
take a shot of tequila
take a sibling sojourn to the homeland
take a soulcycle class
take a stripper class
take a suicide prevention course
take a tennis lesson
take a tour of a brewery
take a tour of a concentration camp
take a tour of one of the federal reserves
take a tour of zappos in nv
take a train cross country
take a train somewhere
take a trapeze class
take a trip on a hot air balloon
take a trip with mom
take a us roadtrip from coast to coast
take a vacation alone with my husband
take a vow of silence (for at least an hour)
take a walk in the rain, without an umbrella. don’t resist the urge to jump in puddles
take a walk in the woods at night when it's snowing
take a wine tour of italy
take a yoga class
take a zumba class
take action to reduce global warming
take all of my children to disney
take an acting class
take an aerobatics lesson in a stunt plane
take an art class
take an art class where i learn how to draw, paint, create visual junk
take an improv class
take batting practice with an mlb team
take belly dancing classes
take dancing lessons
take flying lessons
take my children indoor rock climbing
take my dad to eat real kobe beef at wolfgang puck’s restaurant cut in los angeles.
take my family to disney land
take my kids to grand canyon
take my mom on vacation for mother’s day
take my mom to scotland
take myself out on a saturday night date
take part in a flash mob
take part in a focus group
take part in a police line-up
take part in a protest i really believe in
take piano lessons
take pictures in a photo booth
take public transportation
take rishs and chance with and on adventure
take risks and chance on and with my passions
take risks and chances on your dreams
take risks and chances on your hobbies even if your not very good at them
take risks and chances when it comes to education
take risks when it comes to a job
take singing lessons
take someone i love to a spiritual retreat
take the glacier epress
take the iq test before the mind starts going
take the kids to disney world
take the kids to waikiki
take the lead with my girlfriend/boyfriend sometimes
take the online mohokk college course for being an information librarian technician
take the scenic route
take the walk of faith, tianmen mountain | china
take up a make up lessen
take up archery
take up belly dancing
take up martial arts / kickboxing
take up mindfulness meditation
take up yoga
take voice lessons
take weekly drama lessons
take women on a life changing adventure
take yoga class
take ballet dance classes
taking a personal defense class
taking sailing lessons
taking salsa lessons
taking singing lessons
tam ting caves | laos
tandem jump skydive
tap dance
teach a class
teach a college course
teach a dog a new trick
teach a kid how to play an instrument
teach a parrot to talk like me
teach a third world country how to fish (world vision )
teach an adult how to read
teach in a traditional classroom setting
teach in a workshop on something i am good at
teach my children something they don’t know about me
teach other people how to get over theeir fear of public speaking
teach someone a new skill
teach someone something they will never forget
teach something to someone
teach something you love
telekinetically move a large object
tell a joke on open mic night
tell dad i love him
tend a garden
tequila worm
tessellated pavement | tasmania
test drive a sleek sportscar
text a random mobile number and wish them a good day
thank a veteran
thank my parents for everything they have done for me (2009)
thank your police / fire department / your parents / your mail carrier / your teachers
the bramptpn square beautifaction centre
the glastonbury festival of contemporary performing arts
the sand castle festival in coburg
think of phrases to say before i die
think of something you are grateful for every morning when you wake up for at least a week
through hike the appalachian trail
throw a "destination party"
throw a amazing huge baby shower for when i am older
throw a big party inviting everyone i know and everyone they know
throw a block party
throw a boomerang and catch it
throw a bucket of water on someone
throw a cake in someone's face
throw a clay pot that doesn't fall over
throw a cocktail party for my birtday
throw a coin in the trevi fountain
throw a coin in trevi fountain
throw a coin in trevi fountain in rome
throw a dart at a map and go to that place
throw a dart at a map and just go
throw a dart into a map and travel to where it lands
throw a dart on a map and travel to wherever it lands
throw a dinner party
throw a drink on someone's face
throw a fistfull of glitter in the air
throw a football in a spiral
throw a full bottle of coke over someone's head
throw a giant wild party
throw a hand grenade
throw a house party when your parents are out
throw a huge party / hillbilly theme party
throw a hula hoop around a giraffe's neck
throw a large rock into quick sand and see it sink
throw a paper airplane off a tall building
throw a party on a yacht
throw a party with "clean" drinks and see how many people act drunk
throw a pizza through the air like a frisbee
throw a pool party
throw a shelter co. experience
throw a snowball at someone /someone famous
throw a stink bomb
throw a street party!
throw a super bowl party
throw a surprise party
throw a themed party
throw beads at mardi gras
throw down 1000 dollars on a single bet
throw out a first pitch at an mlb game
throw out the first pitch at a major league baseball game
throw out the first pitch at major league baseball came
throw paint filled eggs/balloons at a canvas
throw really messy food into a fan
throw someone a surprise party
throw water balloons at someone off of a building
throw water into the air and watch it freeze
throwing myself a fun-filled birthday party
tiawan lantern festival
tibetan bridge in claviere | italy
tie a message to a balloon and let it go
tie a secret to a balloon and let it fly
tie a tie
tie dye t-shirts /something
times square | new york
tin tian, big buddha | hong kong
tip 100 dollars
tip a server 100% of the bill
to be able to be confiident enough to dance like beyonce
to be amazing at rapping
to be on a figure skating team
to begin to have an adiction when it comes to working
to feed seals
to get over my fear of wearing contacts
to give a sheep to a third world country family
to give one piglet and baby chick to a third world country
to have pariodic table shower curtins
to live as if i am limitless
to not entertain stupid convosations
to own alot of bbcanada merch
to play gutiar infront of of a crowd and not suck at it
to recieve books to review from peguin publishers
to skate with someone famous
to to the top of the empire state building
to use the logic side of my brain more often
to watch the news more often and write down that is happening
toast to something with champagne or sparkling cider
toronto international film festivial
toronto just for laughs festival
toronto's icefest
toss a coin into a fountain
toss pizza dough in the air
touch a famous piece of art
touch a pyramid
touch a rock from the moon
touch a zebra / tiger / sting ray / sphinx cat / sloth / snake / jellyfish / dolphin / crocodile / endangered animal
touch all 1000 buddhas in hong kong
touch an iceberg
touch my toes
touch snow
touch the belfast peace wall
touch the clouds
touch the inside of a kangaroo's pouch
touch the statue of liberty
touch the stone henge stones
tour (a tourist attraction)
tour a big city all by myself
tour a chocolate factory
tour a factory
tour a mayan ruin
tour a mission
tour a vineyard
tour a windmill | holland
tour a working farm
tour europe
tour the bureau of printing and engraving (the u.s. mint)
tow a boat up a mountain
trace my family tree
track wild animals
trade a pin with a disney cast memebr
trade ipods with someone for a day
train a horse / a dog / a cat
train as an opera singer
train for a marathon / with a friend / with a family member
trash a hotel room
travel  first class
travel 10 km by train / 100 km / 1000 km / a distance
travel a day / a week / a month / two months
travel by dog sled
travel by train across the us    / through mountains
travel down a river
travel from coast to coast
travel in 80 vehicles/ways (dog sled, train, big ship, submarine…)
travel on the trans-siberian railway / orient express
travel one month solely on website income
travel round the world.
travel route 66
travel solo / with your best friend / partner/lover/spouse
travel somewhere by ship / river boat
travel somewhere exotic
travel the country/world to see gravestones of ancestors/relatives
travel the silk route
travel when i'm sick
travel with a single suitcase for a month and see how much you can truly live without
travel with someone you don't know / someone you just met
treat every day like it's your last
trespass somewhere and go swimming
trick or treat
troll someone
try a new board game
try a new hairstyle
try a new sport
try a pole dancing class
try a stratosphere ride
try acupuncture
try again if you get a “no” and train more
try animation
try archery
try belly dancing
try bikram yoga
try brow threading
try crossfit
try curling
try dye a cake
try fencing
try fishing for a marlin
try golfing
try hot yoga or bikram yoga
try indoor sky diving / rock climbing / climbing
try inline skating
try kiteboarding
try mud wrestling
try ocean kayaking
try on expensive designer dresses i can't afford / a wedding dress /
try osteopathy
try out a chiropractor
try out a professional massage
try out cosplay
try out for a reality show
try out for wheel of fortune
try paddle boarding
try pigs head
try pole dancing
try riding a unicycle
try rock climbing
try skiing or snowboarding
try snowboarding
try spear fishing
try square dancing / tap dancing
try stand-up paddle boarding
try street luge
try surfing
try surfing at least once
try suspended capsule biking
try teeth whitening strips
try the whistle challenge
try tight rope walking
try to balance the lightswitch between on and off
try to break a world record
try to follow a squirrel up a tree
try to juggle
try to touch your tongue to your nose
try training in boxing
try underwater rugby/ polo
try vert skating
try weed / viagra / hookah
try wind surfing
try zumba
tuck a $100 in an envelope and put it in the mailbox of a family that you know is struggling
turn a failure into a success
turn a hobby you love into a profitable business
turn a passion into a way to make money
turn an old house into a restaurant / old pool into a tilapia / koi pond / a property into a wedding venue
turn every guy’s head when i walk into a place
tutor a mentally challenged student.
tutor someone
twirl a basketball on one finger
type a letter out on a typewriter

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