Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ideas, 14 S

Sail a boat
Sail out in the sea for a week
Salsa dance with a stranger
Save a life
Save a species from extinction
Save someone’s life
Save someone’s life, in a spiritual sense
Save the rain forest
Say good bye to someone I love
Say I do
Say no more often
Say yes more often
Say yes to everything for a whole day
Scale a mountain
Score the game winning shot
Score the winning goal/try/basket
Scuba dive
Scuba dive to a shipwreck
Sea slug
Sea urchin
Secret garden party
See --- in person
See [---] in concert
See a Christian philosopher speak at a university
See a Cirque Du Soleil show
See a double rainbow
See a foreign film at the theater
See a geyser
See a glacier
See a meteor shower
See a play/musical
See a Ted Talk live
See a tornado
See a total lunar / solar eclipse
See a volcano erupt
See a waterfall
See fireflies
See lenticular clouds
See movies, read books – there’s tons of lists on-line
See speed skating live
See stalagmites and stalactites
See the original Mona Lisa
See the Nutcracker
See the planets through a telescope
See whirling dervishes
See your name in the film credits
Sell a house for a profit
Sell all your junk on eBay and make a profit
Sell at least 100 copies of my book
Sell Avon
Sell my own jewelry on Etsy
Sell something on amazon
Sell something on eBay
Sell something on the internet
Sell something that i have made
Sell stuff at the market
Send a care package
Send a care package to a soldier
Send a message in a bottle
Send a question out to a TV show and have an actor or whatever read it
Send a secret to postsecret
Send flowers to myself
Send food baskets to third world countries from plan Canada
Send postcards from your home city
Send someone a singing telegram
Send someone an edible arrangement
Send someone flowers
Send someone flowers, just because
Serve food at a soup kitchen
Serve in a soup kitchen
Set a Guinness world record
Set free a Chinese lantern
Set off a domino line of more than 200 pieces
Set up a Hong Kong corporation.
Settle abroad for at least 3 months elsewhere in Asia, in Central and South America, Europe, and more.
Sew a memory quilt
Sew a quilt
Sew an outfit for myself
Sew something wearable
Sew something you can wear
Shake ---’s hand
Share a cab with a stranger
Share a ridiculously fancy bottle of wine with someone
Share your most embarrassing moment
Share your wisdom with someone
Shave a coconut
Shave with a cut throat
Shave your head for a good cause.
Shear a sheep
Churn your own butter and make buttermilk
Shoot a bow and arrow
Shoot a flare gun
Shoot a gun
Shoot a machine gun
Shoot an arrow
Shoot dead on target
Shoot guns on a shooting range
Shoot sporting clays
Shop at --- (on someone else's dime)
Shop at a flea market, swap meet or garage sale
Shop at the --- / on --- / on the day of --- / in ---
Shout ‘drinks are on me!’ in a pub or bar
Shower in a waterfall
Shower in the rain with clothing on
Shower in the rain.
Shuck oysters
Sign a petition
Sign up for the big sister program
Sign-up to the bone marrow register
Sing “what about love” total karaoke style, complete with dramactions.
Sing a duet with ---
Sing a karaoke duet
Sing at karaoke night
Sing in Danish / German / Greek / Hebrew / Russian / Yiddish
Sing in front of thousands of people
Sing in the new life church band
Sing karaoke / enthusiastically /jukebox hero karaoke /in a bar / with my spouse / my child / my children
Sing karaoke in a bar
Sing karaoke in public
Sing with grace at the youth group band
Sit by a real fire and read
Sit down to a real family dinner in Italy
Sit front row at a basketball game
Sit front row at a fashion show
Sit front row in a real fashion show
Sit in a chair underwater
Sit in a sauna
Sit in the MTV audience
Sit on the grass on strawberry fields
Skate with Disney On Ice
Skateboard on a ramp
Skeet shoot
Ski a black diamond trail
Skinny dip
Skinny dip at midnight
Sky dive
Sky diving
Sleep a night in a snow fort i built.
Sleep at a four-star hotel
Sleep in a capsule hotel
Sleep in a castle
Sleep in a hammock
Sleep in a haunted house
Sleep in a houseboat
Sleep in a stable singing ”Away In A Manger”
Sleep in a stable on a haystack
Sleep in a teepee
Sleep in a tent
Sleep in a tree house
Sleep in a treehouse
Sleep in a yurt
Sleep in an igloo
Sleep in an overnight train
Sleep in an overwater bungalow | bora bora
Sleep in the true wild
Sleep on a beach/with your loved one/ under the stars/on a field
Sleep on a boat
Sleep on a satin pillowcase
Sleep on a trampoline
Sleep on satin sheets
Sleep on silk sheets at least once
Sleep under the stars
Sleep without a light for good
Slide a paint slip and side with white clothing on
Slide down a fire pole
Slide down a firehouse pole
Slide down a slide in the rain
Slide down a waterslide
Slowly get yourself off the internet
Smash a guitar on stage
Smash a pile of whip cream in someone 's face
Smile at 100 strangers
Smoke a cigar / Cuban cigar / fancy cigar / fine cigar
Smoke a hookah
Snorkel a reef
Snorkel at the great barrier reef
Snorkel on a reef
Snow boarding.
Snow ski
Snuggle in a hammock
Snuggle with that special someone is an igloo
Soak in the beauty of a sunset
Spend a 1,000 at (shop)
Solve a Rubik's Cube
Solve the Bedlam cube
Sort out the front garden
Spar with a professional boxer
Speak about my extraordinary life to inspire others to live their own dream life
Speak fluent French
Speak fluent Russian
Speak in a foreign accent for a whole day
Speak in front of a large audience (500+)
Speak Pig Latin
Speak to an international audience of thousands of people
Speak to over 1,000 people
Speak to over 10,000 people
Speak to over 3,000 people
Speak to over 5,000 people
Spend $1,000 on ---
Spend $1,000 on your learning and mind
Spend $100/ $1,000 / $2,000 at ---
Spend 24 hours naked
Spend a day at a spa
Spend a day giving high fives to everyone you see
Spend a day helping at a children’s hospital
Spend a day wearing something you don’t usually wear, like * something lady gaga ( or your favorite artist/actor/character from a book, series, movie…) would wear * dressed as your favorite cartoon character * dressed in a Japanese clothing style * punk * goth * masquerade costume * mascot costume * fantasy creature, like a fairy or a troll * as an animal * as food * wearing something edible * wearing flowers and leaves
Spend a month at sea
Spend a night in a haunted house
Spend a summer at a lake home
Spend a week at a silent retreat
Spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods
Spend a whole day floating on a lake in a small paddle boat
Spend a whole day hiking
Spend a whole lot more time with my grandfather and learn about his life before he leaves us.
Spend an entire thunderstorm outside
Spend an hour in a lift
Spend Christmas eve in front of the fire place with my family
Spend Christmas on the beach
Spend new year’s in a foreign country
Spend new year's in another time zone
Spend some time working for tips
Spend the day as a different person
Spend the day at a resort spa
Spend the day at a spa
Spend the day at the beach or lake
Spend the day watching cartoons
Spend the entire day by myself
Spend the entire day by yourself
Spend the night in a houseboat
Spend the night in an igloo
Spend the whole day answering other people's question with more questions
Spin a ball on my finger for 1 minute
Spin a basketball on my finger
Spin around in a chair and look at the person and say “I was expecting you (insert name here)”
Spin around on an escalator
Spin records like a DJ for a birthday part
Sponsor someone from World Vision
Sponsor four children in my life
Sponsor a child
Sponsor a child’s wish through the make-a-wish foundation
Spy on someone wearing a disguise
Squash wine grapes with my feet
Stage dive or crowd surf
Stage dive/crowd surf
Stain a piece of furniture
Stand at the top of a mountain and scream
Stand on an ocean cliff and let the water spray my face
Stand under a waterfall
Stand up for a friend
Stand up paddle board
Star gaze
Start a blog
Start a book club
Start a budget & stick to it
Start a business
Start a business.
Start a campfire
Start a charity
Start a charity for autistic children
Start a collection
Start a company
Start a family tradition
Start a fan page for someone or something
Start a gratitude journal
Start a magazine
Start a new tradition
Start a petition
Start a red hat society
Start a retirement fund
Start a scholarship or bursary
Start a scrapbook with mementos and souvenirs
Start a tradition (cookie making)
Start a travel blog
Start a vintage skeleton key collection
Start an art journal
Start an herb garden
Start and successfully run an NPO
Start collecting china dolls again
Start fire without matches
Start having grapeseed oil more often
Start learning how to sew with a sewing machine
Start mountain biking
Start my --- program training book for me to train to be on that TV show
Start my talk show on living your best life
Start pickling vegetables and canning them
Start some family traditions
Start taking fish oil easy to swallow pills
Start the business of your dreams.
Start to enjoy being in the light
Start using almond oil
Start using dumbbells more often
Start watching a TV show you've never seen before
Stay at ---
Stay at a bed & breakfast
Stay at a boutique hotel
Stay at a ridiculously fancy hotel
Stay at an all inclusive resort
Stay at the ice hotel
Stay awake for 24 hours
Stay awake for 48 hours straight
Stay in a 5-star resort
Stay in a beach house on the beach
Stay in a bed and breakfast
Stay in a cabin on a lake
Stay in a hostel
Stay in a hotel room with a Jacuzzi
Stay in a mountain cabin
Stay in a treehouse hotel
Stay in an underwater hotel
Stay in the best suite in a five-star hotel
Stay up 50 hours straight
Stay up all night dancing
Stay up the whole the night till sunrise conversing and relishing in the company of a good friend
Spend 400 on studying supplies
Step on a fake city like on the King of Nerds show
Stick my foot in every ocean in the world
Stomp grapes
Stomp grapes to make wine
Stop apologizing all the time
Stop being sneaky
Stop being too assertive and blunt with men
Stop blaming people for your habits
Stop blaming your emotions for your habits
Stop blaming your family for your habits
Stop constant, self-interrupting (difficulty focusing)
Stop feeling bad that you gave up on your first love when he didn’t give up on you
Stop not sleeping at night time
Stop procrastinating
Stop slouching
Stop telling my opinion if hurtful because some people don’t want to hear the truth
Stop using your laptop
Stop watching TV
Stop writing e-mails to people & mail heartfelt, handwritten letters instead
Storm chase a tornado
Swim at night
Swim across a large lake
Straighten my hair more often
Stroke a croc/alligator
Study a martial art
Study a Monet
Study abroad in Italy
Study astronomy
Study computer stuff so when i get into the librarian program i will not be confused ;)
Study disorders, things that make people difficult
Study economics
Study human codependency
Study Judaism
Study something you are interested in for months
Study the Kama Sutra and put theory into practice
Subscribe to a music service
Subscribe to ---
Summit a mountain
Sunbathe on a yacht with a cocktail
Support "the bully project (to help kids not get bullied )
Support a cause by not eating for two days
Support my children’s positive interests
Support operation conservation
Surprise my kids
Surprise someone
Survival: make fire the hard way
Survive a mortal danger
Survive an endurance camp
Survive at paintball
Swim a mile / 2 miles / 5 miles
Swim in bio-luminescent algae
Swim in the world’s largest pool
Swim under a giant waterfall
Swim while it rains
Swim with a school of fish / dolphins / manatees / pink dolphins / sea turtles / sharks / stingrays / manta rays / whale sharks / whales
Swing from a rope into a lake
Swing on a porch swing with my man

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