Friday, January 17, 2014

Ideas, 13

Paddle a canoe
Paddle Boarding
Paddle through Katherine gorge
Paint a Mural
Paint a picture
Paint a Picture and Give it to Someone
Paint A Picture Of a Sunset
Paint a Room
Paint a room purple, hot pink or neon green
Paint over graffiti
Paint pictures of each other
Paint Something at a Ceramic Store
Paint something on a really big canvas
Paint With Bubbles
Pan for gold
Partake in a Spanish bull run.
Partake in Afternoon Tea
Particapate in a irish st. patties 5 k run
Particapate in a zombie 5k
Particapate in Nanowrimo
Participate in a 200 mile relay run
Participate in a 5k Race
Participate in a bike race
Participate in a carnival.
Participate in a Flash Mob
Participate in a Food Fight
Participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony
Participate in a Pride March
Participate in a Private Wine Tasting
Participate in a street parade
Participate in a Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony
Participate in Free Hugs
Participate in La Tomatina
Participate in NaNoWriMo
Participate in Race for the Cure
Participate in Ramadan
Participate in the Brazilian Carnaval celebration.
Participate in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen
Participate in the making of a documentary
Participate in the Rickshaw Run | India
Participate in the world’s biggest water fight during Thailand’s New Year’s festivities (Songkran).
Participate in Voluntary work abroad for a 3rd world country
Participate in…
Particpate in a science fair
Partner with some of the travel industry's biggest companies
Party at the Playboy Mansion | California
Party at the Rio Carnival
Party hardy alot
Party in a Private Booth at a Nightclub
Party like a rock star in Dubai
Party on Ibiza for New Year’s Eve in Spain’s Ballearic Islands.
Pass the Calisthenics Kings challenge in under 3 minutes (    10 x pull-ups, 20 x dips, 20 x push-ups, 30 second hand-stand hold, 5 x muscle-ups,     6 x front levers)
Pay a stranger's tab at a restaurant
Pay for a 3nd world country family to get a chicken
Pay for a child's cleft lip or palet surgery
Pay off my credit card
Pay off my mortgage by age 50
Pay off your debt
Pay the Bridge Toll for the Person Behind Me
Pay the toll for the car behind you
Peel an orange in one piece
Perfect a Karate Kick
Perform a full set of my own music
Perform a Magic Trick
Perform a marriage
Perform the aforementioned sketches with friends in an improvised version of SNL and videotape it
Pet a dolphin / giraffe / reindeer / toad / wallaby / turtle
Pet a dolpin
Pet an Elephant
Photobomb Someone
Photobomb someone not on purpose / accidentally
Pick two friends to go traveling with
Pick up a Coqui Coqui perfume in Tulum
Pick up litter
Pick your own fruit
Picnic in the park
Picnic under the Eiffel Tower
Pingxi Lantern Festival | Taiwan
Place an item in a random stranger's shopping cart
Plan your own funeral
Plant a fruit fruit tree in a third world country
Plant a garden
Plant a pumpkin
Plant a tree
Plant A Tree & Watch It Grow
Plant a tree and name it after you
Plant a vegetable garden
Plant and harvest a vegetable garden
Play a game of golf on a majors course
Play a Game of Pool Bowling
Play a Part in Your Favorite TV Show
Play a Pinball Machine
Play a prank on someone
Play a Round of Golf
Play a round of golf at Bethpage Black
Play a Song on a Harmonica
Play a Tennis Match
Play an April Fool’s joke on someone
Play at Coney Island | New York
Play Badminton
play board games
Play card games a whole alot more often
Play charades
Play chess
Play darts
Play golf
Play golf in the best spots around the world.
Play golf with my High School golf coach
Play guitar in a working band
Play hide and go seek in a mall with my friends
Play Hot Potato with a Real Hot Potato
Play in the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas
Play manhunt with waterguns
Play matchmaker
Play matchmaker for as many friends a s i can and be sucessful at it
Play on a championship team
Play piant messy twister
Play poker
Play pool/billiards
Play Racquetball
Play raquet ball
Play relaxing sounds or music as you sleep
Play Rock Band, Guitar Hero or Band Hero
Play spin the bottle
Play tennis on an actual tennis court
Play the harmonica
Play the lotto
Play the lotto with the number from a fortune cookie
Play the Old Course at St. Andrews
Play the Piano By Ear
Play the piano with some mastery
Play the same numbers in the lottery every week for a year
Play the Stock Market
Play truth or dare
Play truth or dare with my boyfriend
Play video games in my backyard
Polar bear dip!
Pole dance for my man…to his liking
Police Ride Along
Pose with a Figure at a Wax Museum
Pose With the Leaning Tower of Pisa | Italy
Post a video on youtube
Power fan plummet
Practice 10 minutes of aerobics exsersise dancing , walking , runnung and jumping jacks
Practice an irish accent
Practice gratitude for 21 days
Practice indeign and photoshop
Practice meditation.
Practice my leprechaun
Practice yoga in India
Practice yoga on a beach
Practice Yoga Regularly
Prank someone sucessfully
Pray in the Sistine Chapel
Perform stand up comedy
Perform a magic trick
Perform as a street musician
Prepare a will
Protect the bobolink bird
Protect the dolphins
Protect the eastern wolf
Protect the swift fox
Proudly wear a bikini
Prove people wrong that " fairy tales and prince charming is out there and they do exist
Prove to them that you’re not everyone
Provide the police with an anonymous tip.
Public speaking
Publish a book / Self-publish a book
Publish a Children's Book
Publish a Cult Website
Publish a physical book
Publish at least one book
Publish at least one song
Pull an epic prank
Pull the biggest all nighter with friends ever
Purify myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka
Pursue all of my passions in my life time
Pursue my passion and turn it into a career
Push yourself when it comes to confidence level
Put a message in a bottle and float it out to sea
Put a message in a bottle and throw it in the ocean
Put A Secret In A Balloon & Let It Go
Put Change into Someones Expired Meter
Put ginger in everything you eat
Put more effect into my interests
Put more effect think my music talents
Put my children in lessons or classes of sometime (due to their interests )
Put on a peter pan play in tribute to robin williams
Put on and act in a stage performance.
Put on sunglasses when it’s raining
Put soap in a Public water fountain
Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle
Putting Fun on my Agenda
Queensday in Holland
Quit a bad habit in 21 days
Quit a job you hate
Quit caffeine
Quit that one thing you don’t think you can quit'
Quit your job to chase a passion
Quite a bad habbit that you love to do
Race a car around a race track
Race a Go Kart
Race cars on a track
Race in a Sedway Rally
Raft through the Grand Canyon
Raise £1,000,000 for charity
Raise a wonderful child to an amazing adult times three
Raise another dog.
Raise butterflies, tadpoles, praying mantii or  have an ant farm
Raise children who are happy and healthy
Raise money for a charity
Raising Happy, Healthy, Confident, Cooperative, Responsible, and Faithful children
random act of kindness
Rap in hebrew
Rap in latin
Rappel into a cave
Rappel into Moaning Caverns | California
Rappel off an Arch at Arches National Park
Rate 100 different beers.
Raw Oysters
Ray Mears it for a night.
Reach 100 Years of Age
Reach my goal weight
Reach out to millions around the world and help them to grow and achieve their highest potential
Reach the top of your profession.
Reactivate my French and achieve fluency.
Read 30 minutes a day for a year
Read 52 books in one year
Read a Banned Book
Read a book on a topic that never interested you
Read a book that is over 1000 pages
Read a book while underneath a willow tree
Read a book written in French
Read a good book in the hammock
Read at least 1 book about each religion / Read Religious Texts of All Major Religions & Take Religion Classes
Read every book I own (I have a habit of buying without reading)
Read in the New York City Library
Read other people’s minds
Read the Book Before the Movie
Realize how beautiful/attractive you are
Realize whether or not you really want to audition for the big brother canada show
Realize Your Childhood Dream
Receive a bouquet of daisies from someone special or lilies
Receive a Fan Letter
Receive a standing ovation
Receive an award
Receive an infinity ring
Reconcile science and faith
Reconnect with an Old Friend
Reconnect with past friends
Record a one of my songs at trent radio
Record a semi-pro album
Record a Song
record a song with me playing an instrument
Record oral histories of my family
Recreate a Childhood Recipe
Recreate a Classic Dish
Red Paperclip Challenge
Redecorate my bedroom
Reduce sugar intake.
Regain my 6-pack
Register as an organ donor
Register for
Relax in a hot spring
Relax in a Natural Hot Spring
Relax in a Sensory Deprivation Tank
Relax in Icelandic hot springs
Release A Message In a Bottle In the Ocean
Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean
Release sky lanterns
Release the Past
Rent a beach house
Rent a cabin
Rent a houseboat
Rent a villa on Lake Como or Lake Lugano with friends.
Repaint my room
Repair an appliance
Replace my morning coffee with Yerba Maté for at least a week.
Replace our boiler system.
Research my Family Tree
Research the histor of my hometown
Research your family tree
Resiceve an oscar
Restore a classic car
Retaking Belly Dance
Retire at age 50
Revisit places that made you who you are
Revisit the Sidetrack Bar and watch a Husker game
Ring a Big Bell (Church)
Ring the opening or closing bell of the NYSE
Rio Tinto River | Spain
Road trip 360 around Australia
Road trip with a sports team
Roam a medieval castle
Roast the perfect Thanksgiving turkey
Rock climb
Rock Islands Southern Lagoon | Palau
Rocky Mountain Oysters
Roll in a Huge Pile of Leaves
Roller blade
Rollerblade backwards
Rope Climbing
Rope swing into water
Row and be good at it
Run 1 Mile / 2 Miles /3K / 5K / 10K / a half marathon / a full marathon / big race / Spartan race / triathlon / adventure marathon / ultra-marathon
Run 8 mile cross country
Run a fun-run in fancy-dress / with my family
Run a marathon in under 5 hours / without stopping
Run a mile backwards
Run an 8 minute mile / 5 minute mile / 4 ½ minutes mile
Run around the block with 3 of my friends dressed up in superhero costume
Run barefoot
Run for 30 minutes straight on the treadmill
Run for my life (Zombie Race)
Run free (Parkour)
Run in the Olympic Stadium
Run nude through a public place.
Run on every continent
Run through a field of sunflowers or other flowers
Run with the bulls in Spain

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