Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ideas, 12

macy’s thanksgiving day parade | new york
made a cd at trent radio
magic a coin from behind my children’s ears
make 10 new recipes in a month
make a balloon animal
make a basket (shooting hoops ) over your shoulders
make a blessings jar
make a book with my 101 favorite quotes
make a candlemake a canvas picture with buttons
make a cartoon flip book
make a cd of my original written songs
make a coloring book
make a cooking tutorial on youtube
make a cover of ---
make a cross bow
make a dance to the song tell me why and video tape it
make a deal that youd regret
make a dealine for something and keep it and finish something in time
make a difference in the lives of others
make a difference in the world
make a discovery
make a dream board
make a flip book cartoon
make a giant rubber band ball
make a gingerbread house
make a great looking music video
make a habit for going outside
make a handmade gift
make a handmade greeting card
make a hole in one
make a homemade beauty product
make a house of cards
make a jewlry line that gives back
make a loan
make a lego chair
make a list of 100 songs i could never get tired of listening to
make a living out of the things i love to do the most
make a memory jar for 2015
make a model airplane,
make a model car
make a music playlist for halloween
make a once-in-a-lifetime basketball shot.
make a paper diommand
make a perfect meatloaf
make a quilt
make a rainbow rose
make a scrapbook
make a scripted home movie with a story line
make a secret door bookselve
make a shcolarship program
make a shutterfly book
make a significant change in someones life
make a snowman
make a soap opera
make a soft chocolate chip cookie
make a souffle
make a successful apple swan
make a tent like the one in the movie, “the holiday”
make a tie dye shirt
make a travel map of all the places i've been
make a traveling documenatary
make a tutorial
make a tv show
make a video documentary about a roadtrip though the southern united states
make a website
make a website for list for what people would do if they won the lottery
make a wish in cinderalla's wishing well
make a wish in the trevi fountain | italy
make a wish on a shooting star
make a wooden frame
make a zombie movie
make acorn jewelrymake an advice website
make an apple pie from scratch
make an autobiography and publish it
make an omelet
make an origami animal
make an origami crane
make and bury a time capsule
make and decorate gingerbread men
make art and show it at the market (and see if people are stupid enough to buy it )
make aspraragus fries
make at least one huge purchase you can’t afford
make boeuf bourguignon
make brekfast for my mom and dad
make broccoli cheese soup
make buns using my grandmother’s recipe
make butter
make candles
make cheese
make cheese fondue
make chocolate easter eggs with my children
make corn dogs
make creme fraiche flambe
make crustacean's garlic noodles
make dried banana snacks
make eggplant lasagna
make feta cheese from buffalo the old fashioned way
make fire in a fireplace
make fire without matches
make flourless cookies
make fresh pasta
make fresh squeezed juice
make gifts for people for Christmas one year
make gummy bears popsicle
make home accent and decor and sell it
make home made bread
make homemade croutons
make homemade hummus
make homemade ice cream
make homemade marshmallows
make homemade pasta
make homemade pickles
make homemade root beer
make homemade sangria
make hummus
make ice cream
make jambalaya
make lemonade out of lemons
Have a lemonade stand
make lifelong friends on the road
make makeup the old fashioned way
make meatloaf cupcakes
make melted crayon art
make monthly documentaries about my progress for achieving my dreams
make mosaic art
make mummy dogs
make my home 100% green and sustainable
make my living doing work i love
make my own alcoholic beverage and name is after myself
make my own bruschetta
make my own cheesecake
make my own clothing brand
make my own combination of ice cream
make my own decor and interior design brand
make my own gluten free bread from scratch
make my own homemade beauty product
make my own jam
make my own jewelry
make my own lollipops
make my own make up
make my own make up product line
make my own milkshake
make my own perfume
make my own pickles
make my own pizza from scratch
make my own purse
make my own reth that doesn't fall apart
make my own skateboard
make my own tiramisu
make my own webpage using html code, by myself!
make my personal recipe book a reality
make nut butter
make out for hours ;) without going any farther
make out in a photobooth
make out inn a library
make out with my boyfriend at my house
make paint the old fashioned way
make paper
make parody of a song
make peanut butter from scratch
make reservations
make rock candy/crystals
make s'mores over a campfire
make soap
make sock monkeys and put on a puppet show with them and put it on youtube (do this with friends )
make something out of clay
make something out of duct tape
make something out of paper mache
make spaghetti sauce from scratch
make spambalaya
make split pea soup
make stuffed shells
make sure if i have teenager when i am older make sure they get to go to prom
make sure your home is properly insulated and weatherproofed
make thai ice tea popsicles
make the front page of a national newspaper
make the news
make time to mediate more often
make vegan cake pops
make your mental fitness be stronger
make your own dressings
make zucchini fries
mardi gras
marvel at plitvice lakes | croatia
master a video game
master a workflow system, like gtd
master all of the minute to win it games
master boiling and poaching eggs
master controlling my thought make my negatives on into positive
master my leprechaun accent
master poker and win big in a casino
master the art of kung fu
master the art of making cinnamon rolls
master the art of self confidence
master the hula hoop
mastering a few signature dishes
maximize your passiveness
meet ---
meet (your favorite celebrity/idol)
meet 3 of your heroes
meet a blog reader in person
meet a childhood hero
meet a fellow life lister and completing an item together
meet a parrot that can talk
meet my grandchildren
meet someone famous / randomly
meet someone i met on the internet in real life
meet someone with your own name
memorize "who's on first"
memorize a favorite poem
memorize a great joke
memorize all the books of the bible
memorize at least three poems
memorize the periodic table of elements
mentally push yourself when it comes to emotional endurance
migrate to a country of choice
milk a goat / cow / sheep / yak / horse
milk a snake of its venom
mountain bike
move back to my hometown
move in together with my future husband
move out of the house i live in now
move to new york
mud wrestle
mush a dog sled
name a star / name a star after someone i love / name a star for my spouse and kids
nap in a hammock
new year’s eve in time’s squareno cussing for 1 month
not be as picky with what i eat
not let my girlfriend/boyfriend make me passive
not let my my girlfriend/boyfriend control me
not use my laptop for 364 days
only wear clothing that express who i am
open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever it is on
open my own bar
open my own candy shop
open several small businesses
open the time capsule after 5 years
open your chakras
or do i want to wait for guy #2 and see if we has what i need and if he has his life togther
orbit the earth in a spaceship
organize a family portrait
organize a lifestyle business summit (march 2014 in costa rica! – now for one in se asia)
organize and host a family reunion
orlando prize for short fiction
oruro carnival – oruro, bolivia
overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back
overnight marathon/ marathon / half-marathon / walk a marathon / barefoot
own [something seen in a music video/tv show/movie/]
own 100 pairs of shoes
own 15 snow globes
own 4 walk in closets
own a --- poster
own a --- perfume
own a beach home
own a big case for my china dolls
own a brtia filter/ machine
own a bunny / a cat / a dog / a golden retriever
own a candy floss machine
own a canopy bed
own a car
own [designer items] / [luxury items] / [fashion classics]
own a Chinese / Danish / Finnish / German / Hebrew / Italian / Japanese / Latin / Modern Greek / Polish / Portuguese / Spanish / Yiddish dictionary
own a convertible car
own a crocheting kit
own a dart board
own a
own a fitness tracker
own a fold up treadmill
own a fortnum and mason hamper then have a picnic
own a fountain pen
own a good quality tripod
own a hammock
own a home
own a house
own a knitting kit
own a paper shredder
own a pearl strand necklace
own a pointless collection
own a scanner
own a sketching kit
own a small bar or restaurant with live music.
own a smart phone
own a suit i feel great in
own a torpedo ball game
own a watercolour set
own a whole shelve full of hvs movies
own all of the disney movies
own all seasons of --- series
own an award winning restaurant
own an old volkswagon campervan – and paint it
own an oragomi kit
own an original piece of artwork
own an original work of art
own electronic drums sometime in my life
own investment real estate
own my own bakery shop
own my own business - be self employed
own my own place
own my own trampoline park
own my very own printer
own pink shoes
own something that makes you feel like a millionaire
own the belgian linen curtains
own the best claw foot tub
own the perfect black suit
own the perfect little black dress
own your dream car
own your dream home

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